Top 10 Languages For Marketing Campaigns Translation

Do you want to seize new and endless opportunities from the global market? It’s time to include the top 10 languages for marketing campaigns translation in order to promote products in target markets.

Having a marketing campaign perfectly translated into multiple languages is the best way to build long-term connections with audiences who may not know the main language of your campaign.

However, picking the right languages for affordable translation services for marketing campaigns can be very challenging, especially thinking that there are enormous options out there.

Top 10 Languages For Successful Marketing Campaigns Translation

We’ve compiled a big list of the top 10 most common languages to simply translate your marketing campaign into that will also be your best bet to expand to the target market:

1- Spanish

There are around 543 million individuals in 31 countries who speak Spanish, making it the second most commonly spoken language globally!

When it comes to the website, there is around 3.7% of online content available.

Ultimately, Spanish precedes English as well, making it a most important language to include in your essential multilingual content marketing strategies and translate your campaigns into!

2- Chinese

In total, there are 1.120 billion Chinese speakers in the world where Chinese is widely spoken in around 35 countries, making it the most widely used language on the web with 1.3% usage.

After Spanish, you will find most of the content available in the Chinese language with around 674 million Internet users in China.

As Chinese businesses are expanding beyond borders. We suggest you do consider this language for marketing campaign translation.

3- English

English is widely spoken in 106 countries, making it a quite widespread language. There are 1.348 billion English speakers, as well as 27% of Internet users prefer English.

According to amazing language facts, English is the most widely used language on the Internet so far, dominating over half of the content languages with 63.4% for brand websites in English.

E-commerce sales are booming in English speaking countries because the majority of speakers understand this language and even find the ability to engage with your products and services.

4- Arabic

There are almost 58 countries that speak Arabic, making it the 4th widely spoken language globally.

Africa and the Middle East are the quickly growing regions when it comes to the Internet news, as well as 1.2% of the content used for websites is Arabic.

As per reports by British Council, Arabic is the language of the future that today companies are including in their powerful ecommerce marketing strategy to promote their products through the campaign.

5- Portuguese

Spoken just spoken in 12 countries, Portuguese has a quite large number of individuals – around 258 million – who speak it fluently. Portuguese is approximately 0.7% of the content language for diverse websites.

Also, Portuguese is getting so much popular in Asia because of the region’s highly diplomatic as well as economic relations with Lusophone and Portugal countries. As per UNESCO, Spanish and Portuguese are the fastest-growing European languages after English.

6- French

With around 75.8 million speakers in almost 53 countries, French is among the highly popular languages today. Obviously, it is estimated that about 267 million individuals speak French as a second language.

2.5% of content on the Internet is French, and this count is simply increasing.

As French is highly useful as a lingua franca, including it in your effective multilingual content marketing strategies will give you added advantage.

7- German

German is widely spoken in 26 countries with around 135 million speakers and its usage as a content language is around 2.0%.

Among several European countries, Germany has quite a promising future.

It is the only biggest export market for British goods besides the United States and holds Europe’s largest economy with a GDP of over $3.9bn.

8- Japanese

The absolute number of people who speak Japanese is around 128 million and the content language percentage on the web is around 1.9%. This makes it a language that should be highly considered for marketing campaigns.

There are approximately 114 million Internet users in Japan, having eCommerce sales of $79.33 bn; this is actually not very shocking, considering that Japan is among the most technologically advanced and highly connected nations in the world.

Thus, considering quick marketing translation of your campaign into this language is mandatory.

9- Russian

There are around 116 million Internet users in Russia alone. It’s also one of the most commonly used languages online with around 7.1% usage.

Russia is highly popular for its excellent IT community and is surely developing in terms of global business reach as well as influence.

10- Hindi

Different from others, yet so popular, this is widely spoken commonly not only in India but also in other countries. However, because of the steadily growing population, there are over 600 million Hindi speakers worldwide.

India is the 2nd most famous country in the world. Because of its growing economic power, India is a huge target market for any marketing campaign.

Just find the elite translation company in Gurgaon which has experience in translating marketing campaigns to capture the attention of Hindi speakers.

Languages are the future of the internet world. Do consider them while preparing a strong translation strategy to tap into the new market.

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