Do Translators Understand What They Translate?

Planning to hire a translator? Are you concerned about whether translators actually understand what they translate? Most of the business owners like you, deal with this question every day.

While translation might seem to be very easy on the surface; it is actually very difficult as it involves good understanding of different languages, cultures, phrases, style and tone of writing. This is why it is always recommended to analyse your translation needs, while choosing a translator or a translation company. Once you know what exactly do you need, it would be easier for you to search the right translator for your assignment. The answer to your question is hidden in this phase only, as the better you know your needs, the better you’ll be able to pick the right option.

Translators always understand what they translate, as long as you choose the right translation service provider.

Conditions To Note:

Depending on the choices you make, you may come across several situations, where the translators may or not understand a specific term or the entire subject of what they are actually translating. So, here are some important conditions to note –

I. When Translators Might Not Understand What They Translate

☞ Poor Choice Of Translator: It is needless to describe that poor choice always results in poor results. Hence, if you fail to realize your translation needs – the level of translation quality you need, the objective you wish to achieve through translation etc. – you would end up with a translator, who is unable to relate to your goals and thus delivers a bad quality translation.

☞ General Topics: In case of general topics, such as fitness, travel etc., the translator might across several phrases or words, which are not understood by him. Thus, in such situations, the translator often relies on word-to-word translation, which may or may not be appropriate according to the context or flow of sentence. Hence, you must make sure that the translator is experienced or work for a reputed translation company.

II. When Translators Understand What They Translate

♦ Perfect Choice Of Translator: If you choose the right translation company, you can be rest assured that you will come across an experienced translator, who clearly understands every bit of your translation assignment. As a result of this, the translated file is always qualitative and in line with your objectives.

III. When Translators ALWAYS Understand What They Translate

✓ Specialized Translator: In specialized translation fields, like medical, technical, legal etc., you can be ascertained that the translators understand what they translate. All you need to do is to look for specialized translators, who possess years of experience in translating for specific domains.

✓ Reputed Translation Firm: This is related to the point mentioned above. If you outsource the services to a reputed translation vendor, your project will always be assigned to be a specialized translator, for example, professional IP translation expert, legal translation expert (etc.) depending on the type of your project.

We all are humans, and we all are in a continuous stage of learning. So, anyone, at any point of time in life, may encounter a situation where he/she may be unaware of a specific thing, but knows how to deal with the situation. So, it is not a negative thing, if the translator is confused or do not understand a specific section/word/phrase in the source file. However, you should always make sure that the translator is experienced and professional in the translation domain. To save your time and other resources, look for a certified translation firm, like TridIndia that ensures that the translators are well aware of the topic or subject that they are going to translate. Also, we follow a stringent selection process for translators so that we are occupied only by the gems of the industry. Rest, our project managers are always there to guide you. So, you need not to worry about anything. Contact us today to know more.

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