Translation For Blog: Genuine Reasons To Translate Your Blog Now

It’s not necessary to translate every content present on your website, translating just the blogs can be sufficient for international growth and business expansion. Businesses can improve their connection with global readers, boost sales, revenues, and increase engagement through blog translation.

Nowadays, everyone has become very specific regarding the content they read on the internet. Blogs are the medium through which you can wider your reach and attract customers beyond local boundaries. The internet has the power to penetrate international markets which can be utilized by every type and size of business. As per a survey, an only a small portion of the entire world’s population speaks English as their native language, while the remaining bigger portion speaks other languages. This shows how important it is to translate your blogs into the language of your target audience.

In this blog, we are going to go through all the top reasons to have cost-effective blog translation so your business can go global and expand incredibly.

Top Reasons to Translate Your Blog

1. Increased Ad Revenue

Translating your blogs can give you many perks, but one of the benefits is that this will provide you with increased ad revenues for your business. Blog translation will give your company a medium to reach a wider audience, develop more capability for backlink use and increase sharing of blogs.

Translating your blogs will ultimately make your website high-performing and SEO-rich that will attract many potential advertisers and thus increase ad revenue.

2. Increase global Traffic

Everyone thinks that English is the common and most spoken language in the world, and that’s true to some extent. But do you know only 25% of internet traffic speaks English? Those who speak languages like Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and many other languages also have a high majority of using the internet. So, if you are sticking to only the English language, then you are surely losing many opportunities of increasing traffic.

Translating your blogs by hiring professional translation solutions can give your business great visibility on many social media platforms in various parts of the world. Whenever a company puts a blog in a different language, the entire content is shared on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter and also on international social media platforms.

3. Improve Reading Times And Trust

Providing translated blogs in your target audience’s local language will increase the reading time. Thinking about your strategy, you can consider that English is an essential language for the translation of your website. But what the aim of your blog actually is?

If you are aiming to grow in a new market where a different language is spoken, increase your ranking in SERPs, and brand loyalty, you need to consider translating your blogs by professionals. There are many benefits of translation company that one need to reap.

4. Blogs Are More Trusted

Blogs are considered way more capable and trustworthy when it comes to gaining knowledge in comparison to case studies, press releases, white papers, and many other contents of a company available online. A survey showed that a blog is the best content type for consumer influence. In fact, blogs are the 3rd most influential medium in influencing consumer opinion when deciding to purchase or not.

Blogs translation can add value to the content for various markets. Translated blogs are not considered as duplicate content by search engines. Hence, to establish consumer trust among global readers, you should consider proper translation for business every time you publish blogs.

5. SEO Improves

Rank higher in SERPs by translating your blogs. It is essential as you can translate any blog into your target language and can reach any market or audience. When the reach will increase, the position of your pages in a search engine will also improve.

6. Build Effective International Online Reputation

Search engine results can be different according to the languages as they focus on the available content in a specific region. Businesses can own their search engine result page in various languages in which they prefer doing business by translating their blogs. Search engine algorithms value blogs more when ranking in SERPs.

Blogs posts available in more than one language helps to develop a strong impact on a company’s brand all across the globe. In short, reliable human translation for content is vital for every business.

Wrapping It Up:

Whether you use a blog as an information source or reach a large portion of the audience, always think first about your readers. Start translating your blogs, and see by yourself the difference it can make. To accomplish the trust of your audience, use professional blog translation solutions. Hiring well-experienced translation specialists from Tridindia can have a great impact on the growth of your business in an international market.

If you are looking for translation solutions, tell us about your project so that we can help you instantly. To know more, call us at +91-8527599523 or send us an instant quote today.

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