How Translation Test Pieces Are Fatal For Your Business?

The entire system of translation test pieces is said to be a simple process but it is highly complex when viewed from inside. Both positive and negative aspects lie in this when the system is practically used. It also becomes difficult for the companies to analyze the quality of Language service provider using this piece.

Introducing the Term-

Translation test piece is referred to a trial conversion that business uses to mark the level of language service provider. This test translation can theoretically measure the language skills of any of the companies. The translations are 2-3 pages in length.

How Translation Test Pieces Are Used?

Often large industrial business looks for efficient language service providers and translators. They ask them to give a particular quote for the translation project management in question.

Before hiring them at least a test trial should be conducted. This system helps the client to access the work on the grounds of grammar, punctuation and style. In this light of service the work done by the translation experts can be saved, time taken to accomplish the project, customer care service and other mediums can be brought up into client’s knowledge easily.


● An idea of the level of service provider can be easily gained.
● Time scales for multiple projects can be saved and analyzed.
● A new bond between the client and the agency can be created.
● Agency will put efforts to accomplish customer’s desires on time.
● A business client can easily understand the level of the industrial operation.
● Different sectors particular requirements can be easily completed.

Hence we can say that using test pieces business can outgrow easily. The language providers can be ranked on the basis of language, industrial knowledge, response time of the agency and customer care services. The financial investment can be saved using this device. Time and extra hard work can also be reduced by using this advanced technique.


The drawbacks of using these pieces will not appear immediately. There are several technical imperfections that can cheat the judgment levels and put the agency into several questions.

At times briefing the translation providers about the requirements can create misunderstandings between the customer and the agency. The result will be getting the output out of your desired levels and style. The content quality creation can also come in suspicion.

Companies hire agencies when they do not own a personal translation team. So the company decides to invest on outsourcing translation requirements. To judge which translator can deliver best productivity is also highly challenging. Many instances prove where the business has even turned into a multilingual employee. Even a multilingual linguistic skill of a person is proven to not carry the quality of judging perfect translations. Making use of two languages does not mean you are a good proof reader. Translation service meets the levels of different industries and works so judging all kinds of translation like medical. Technology, aviation, educational etc. is not easy for a single person.

Some of the company request test translation for a language that is not in good hold of the translation agency. So before making request right bilingual technical team should be searched and judged in all aspects.

It is a myth that company will not use multilingual translations for the in house resources; it will gain perfections in only one language. But this idea is wrong different kind of translation process will surely increase the reach of the company and thus gain more business profits. Test translation conduction will surely highlight several working practices like customer care, response time, quality etc.

The technique of testing different individuals by different languages will fail to get appropriate results. If the translation piece matches the language of the project, it does not mean the translation test and the translation body work will be done by the same individual. If a gap lie between the translation test and the final deal of the project can also be referred different linguistic individuals can be used for the entire project completion. Change in shifts of the translator accordingly can be one of the major reasons. If the shifts rotation is not included in the deal and the project is done by a single individual. This will also affect the quality of the translation.

There is a particular technique of using translation test pieces on the basis of length of the translation. The project’s comprehensive ideas and inner details should be discussed before the project initiates.

How The Test Pieces Are Used Accordingly?

Using translation test piece should not be the primary method of doing business. Many other techniques are even available that will make the translation close to the perfection areas. The companies can judge the agencies on different factors. The cost of the work, reliability factor, time, customer care service, response time and quality of the translation are some of the factors that will surely give a better view of the translation company. The company should have a sure shot idea whether the translation agency approved are professional and can produce high quality translations or not.

Other method that can be adopted is to hand over the test translation to only those who have a bit of the desired professional attributes. This can easily attract a large number of potential business partners. After everything is finalized onboarding process includes building a required team of translations that is a perfect match for the business client. When the deal is discussed the style and tone of the translation should also be brought up in the conversation. This will add value to the entire translation. Incorporating the entire translation produces in the test translation process will be beneficial for both the client and the agency.

A right approach tohire a translation quality control team can surely bring optimum results for global brands. Once the deal is done and work initiates, you may find many cultural and technical issues with translation agency. But it is best to deal with the situation patiently. A rough conversation can be a great business loss for the entire translation process. The face value of both the customer and agency can reduce heavily. This term is a bit of a misnomer, but the entire process works best in a sense of collaboration. The standalone business would be of no help any ways. It is better to judge translation agencies on the moral grounds of time, quality, results, customer, care and the technical approach. Rather than different methods opted by the agency.

Using translation test piece is not the primary method of doing business. Many other techniques are even available to gain perfection levels.

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