Translators Guide to Marketing Translation Skills in Right Way

If you are a translator, you must understand the importance of marketing translation skills in the most appropriate manner. A portfolio containing previous translation samples along with a well-formatted curriculum vitae plays an important role in attracting new clients from around the world. Also, at every step of your career, you’ll have to prove your abilities and potential to deliver excellent results. But, how you’ll do that? Definitely, through your portfolio…!! Use it in a way that promotes your translation skills.

How to Create the Best Portfolio?

● While making portfolio use professional fonts like Times New Roman, Calibri, and not Comic Sans MS. Your presentation and creativity will definitely market your polished language skills surely.

● Revise the portfolio multiple times to eliminate any kind of errors. As quoted first impression is the last one. So, don’t even make this blunder of making errors.

● Move accordingly to the market trends. If you are heading towards financial sector then create the portfolio accordingly, elaborating all your specializations in the field.

● Try to give a professional view to your portfolio. Each sample word count should not exceed 300 words. A header section will make the sample somewhat attractive. You can also add scope and time spent, subject area, name of the client, document and your target audience to give more essence to your portfolio

● If you are multi-tasking or multi linguistic in nature then create few different versions of the portfolio with respect to the different clients you meet.

● Work more on the quality rather than quantity. Before elaborating a long list of your skills and expertise, just make sure you are really good at it. Use of good vocabulary with use of technical jargons for specific sectors will be highly influential. Use of idioms, similes can even help.

● Don’t share the details of any work done for a previous client, without his/ her permission. Think before you act and try not to breach copyright act or break non-disclosure agreement that you might have signed previously.

● Make sure you take a printed version of the portfolio to the meetings and online version to be sent to the clients or various job portals. If you may consider making your own website, you will need to show up your attractive portfolio.

You have enough time to grow your translation career; it’s never too late. So, if you haven’t used your portfolio as the killer weapon to attract new projects, it is now time to come in action. The scope of translation services is not limited to a particular sector. There lies a great demand of translators in different industries like media, medical, aviation and medical etc. Hence, you can be rest assured that you have ‘n’ numbers of chances to prove your worth and reach out to global companies by marketing your skills in a proper way.

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