Top 10 Advanced Voice over Techniques You Can Use

If you create videos- mainly explainer and how-to videos- you will almost certainly have to record voice-overs. In fact, according to how many videos you create, you may have to do much voice-over work. And to make it high-quality, don’t you think knowing 10 advanced voice-over techniques would be beneficial?

The voice is a complicated thing. You could spend years studying and still not know how to create a voice-over that is near perfect. Saying that with the right skills and knowledge you can conveniently learn how to record and mix voice-overs that sound better than 99% of the voice recordings. The internet is entire of low-quality videos, voice-overs, and podcasts.

But you can be different from others

When recording a voice-over by professional voice over artists, whether it is a whole audiobook or a single sentence- there are many things that you can do to boost the quality of the voice-over.

Top 10 Voice-over Techniques You Can Consider


1. Use a Pop Filter

Pop filters are very handy when recording voice-overs; besides assisting to protect against plosive sounds, you can also utilize one to assist to place the voice-over talent at an appropriate distance from the microphone. If you locate the pop filter 4 to 6 inches in front of the mic, the visual reference makes it convenient for the voice-over talent to stay 4-6 inches away from the pop filter in spite of trying to consistently stand 8-12 inches from the mic. This will give you the real advantages of voice over.

2. Say It With a Smile

When you are talking on the phone with someone, you can hear them frowning or smiling, can’t you? It is the same when you have recorded something for a voice-over. If you are not smiling, it is impossible to sound happy.

3. Maintain Audio Clarity And Volume

The clarity of your voice and a soothing volume may be the most important parts of great audio. If your voice-over recording is muddy or fuzzy sounding, it will be complicated for people to understand. Audiences will be distracted and unable to get the information or may just move on. Either way, they miss your message and you miss an opportunity to share your knowledge.

Similarly, if your audio’s volume is too low, it may be hard for people to hear. Too loud and you risk annoying people.

4. Test The Room That You’ve Chosen

If you have decided on the room, it is time to do one final check before you continue recording. Go to the clap and room- can you hear an echo or many reverberations? Talk loudly in the room. Is your voice intelligible and clear? Or hard and mushy to understand?

If yes, try placing few soft furnishings (such as duvets, mattresses, pillows) in the room to decrease the effect of the hard surfaces. Try recording under your duvet if you cannot find a great room. It will be sweaty, but it will definitely work. To know the value of the room in voice-over completely, you need to understand what is voice over.

5. Use a Music Stand

Professions recommend that you use a music stand for the script. A music stand will not only assist the voice-over artist stand at the correct distance from the mic, but it will also assist to lessen the sound of papers rusting since pages are slid instead of turning when the content is on a stand.

Additionally, you can place the script high enough so the artist is searching for the mic instead of searching down, which can restrict the vocal cords.

6. Play With Characters

Get out of that comfort zone of yours and play across different characters that you have developed. To convey the correct feeling you have to analyze the view and copy it as entirely new and different than anything else you have voiced. Embracing and creating new copy is actually fun to get into various types of characters you may not even know you had inside you!

7. Pronunciation And Enunciation

The final aspect of great voice-over work is making sure that you pronounce every word appropriately and that you speak clearly enough to understand. Avoid fumbling- but do not shout or over-enunciate, either. Be mindful of your regional accent as well as pronunciations as they relate to your audience. While it is acceptable to “warsh” your hands in Missouri or have a good “idear” in New England, those pronunciations may confuse the audience from other locations.

Don’t worry about that. No one expects you to sound such as an experienced voice actor. The perfect thing you can do is speak clearly and naturally and the rest will follow with practice. With budget-friendly language translation solutions, you can get everything done in an appropriate manner.

8. Emphasize The Product

If you are doing an advertisement or commercial spot for something where you are the voice selling the product, it assists to highlight that product’s name. Avoid making it sound forced, just keep in mind a little emphasis includes a lot of oomph.

9. Ensure You Have a Copy Of The Script And Keep Copious Notes

You may think you will keep in mind what changed between taking 25 and take 26 of Chapter 3, but once you finish recording every 12 chapters of the book, it will all look like a blur. Your notes during the read cannot be too informational. Use markers in the timeline to highlight takes. It will save much frustration when it comes time to establish the final.

10. Listen Back And Take Notes

Once you have got everything done, take a 10-15 minute break to refresh your ears and relax. This is a great time to treat yourself to a cup of coffee, a soda, or something more exotic. You select the drink, I will not judge!

After that, it is time to listen to the recording. Hit play and take notes on how your voice soothes your ears. Is there any background noise? Does your voice fumble? Or maybe it sounds too heavy? The first listen is very valuable. You have a fresh perspective that you will lose over time so ensure you take notes because your business needs voice over crucially.

To keep the editing method as clean as possible, always stop and take a breath before you resume reading. Amateurs will frequently talk right up to the first word of the “read”, and that makes it complicated to achieve a clean edit when assembling sections together.


Recording voice-over like an expert is convenient when you know how to do it and you have the efficient tools. Taking the proper steps before you hit the record button and then consuming time to edit your audio effectively will go a long way to making sure your voiceovers sound engaging and professional. To make sure you are adding the perfect voice to your video hire the services of Tridindia. We offer voice-over at a competitive rate and ensure that you get professionalism in work.

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