Why Hire a Medical Translation Company Rather Than Translators

Right from real-time interpretation at conferences to translation of varied records, a Medical Translation Company performs a number of tasks that no freelance medical translator or interpreter could do for you. Each and every service or task requires a different set of skills and if you specifically belong to the medical industry, you will clearly understand that medical document translation is no kid’s play. It involves precise knowledge of specialist terminology and years of practice. Regular people cannot understand the medical language easily, no matter what language it is in.

So, if you choose freelance interpreter/ translator over a certified Medical Translation agency, you would be risking the quality and the life of someone. Medical records and other documents are often related to a patient or his/her diagnosis. A single mistake in translation can be risky to the patient’s life.

Hiring Translators May Cost You

If you hire a freelance interpreter/ translator, you may have to bear a huge cost. Suppose, you give a pharmacology report to a layperson and ask him to read it to you. Do you think he will be able to understand that and tell what is written over there? No. this is the similar case with the interpreters having no background or experience in medical or healthcare translation services.

♦ Risk Patient’s Life

As mentioned before, negligence or inexperience in medical translation can be dangerous for the patient’s life. If a consent form has not been interpreted correctly, it may result to a malpractice lawsuit or if any report has been mistranslated, the diagnosis or medicines provided to the patient would be incorrect. You may have to face legal consequences, which is certainly a big loss and cost to you.

♦ Literal Translations

A standard translator may provide you with literal translations that are considered to be inappropriate in almost every field in translation. They may work quite well for some industries, but not for the medical sector. The simple reason behind this is that this industry requires deep knowledge of medical terminology. You might have to translate the document again, thereby incurring an additional cost on you.

♦ Communication Barriers

While you face a patient who speaks a different language than yours, you may face some communication issues or barriers. To avoid such communication clash, you will need to someone, who could interpret the discussion between the two parties, i.e. someone, who is fluent in both the languages spoken by the parties. Now, if you compare the freelance experts with the company’s language experts, you will get to know that the former is not very quick and deft in the task versus the latter.

Broadly speaking, in the long run you will understand that hiring an unprofessional translator or interpreters for medical projects will cost you a lot, in terms of time, money and efforts.

So, What Should You Do?

After reading the above facts, it is clear that you must search for a recognized pharmaceutical translation company that helps you get quality results with the highest degree of excellence, authenticity and timeliness. One such company that I know is TridIndia.

I was travelling from Spain to India, as a part of medical tourism and I had to get my Spanish medical documents translated into English language. I was lucky enough to find TridIndia, as my ultimate translation service provider (my friends recommend this to me). They helped me with accurate human translation of my documents and delivered the same within a very short time interval.

I found that the company is ISO certified and works with highly professional and experienced staff of medical translators and interpreters, which has a verifiable medical background. In addition to this, the team is fluent in multiple language combinations. So, one can outsource document translation into any number and combination of languages.

Choose the Right One

Remember, that human-based translation plus knowledge of the medical background is very important for a quality translation in the medical sector. You cannot compromise with it; or else you’ll have to pay a huge cost for it.

My experience with the translation company taught me that how important quality is for translation. Any kind of miscommunication can be the reason for death of a person. So, if you wish to be satisfied with the translation output, you need to give proper time to search the right translation company for your needs. It is only a reputed translation firm that can put your assignments in safe and experienced hands.

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