What Is The Difference Between Website Translation & Website Localization

If this is your first time in this list then you better want to understand more about difference between website translation & website localization and the response covered. Proper understanding can work out big time for you. It might be because of the industry terms that most clients believe that website translation and localization are same. They are primarily used interchangeably, which can often lead to confusion.

The main fact is that people are not even aware of the differences these two points possess. Localization and translation of websites will have some similarities true in work procedures but it is vital for marketers to understand differences. Other than adding to your current knowledge of translation industry, it helps in formulating better strategies for firm and gets it done for globalization.

What Is Website Localization & Website Translation?

 Whenever you are talking about website translation, it means that the website content will include apps, text, blogs, multimedia and other information to be changed from original language into targeted one. The translator will then render context translation for ensuring that it can be easily made understandable to target readers. Most of the time, the accurate Website Translation will follow original text and then the message strictly. In this said process, you might miss out the cultural preferences of readers.

 It is always about the website localization, where the process is even more specialized. It helps in adapting elements of web content, which will include applications for regional or local consumption. The method is defined to modify the language and even website elements to make it more appealing to cultural and linguistic preferences of the said target customers in locale where brand might get sold. On the other hand, you have localization, which considers the dialect used in target country or region.

Why Do You Need Website Localization & Website Translation:

There are some instances, when problems might arise with translation regarding clarity and intention in case the translation of original language is rendered word for word without any benefit revolving around professional editing. Even when the expert linguist translates source website language, it can always lack the cultural and technical nuances as required for the translation to just come across some targeted audiences rather effectively. You need to learn that and more while focusing on affordable website localization for now.

Right now, it is always mandatory to offer customers with nothing less than high quality user experience. So, website translation itself is not sufficient. The quality with the effectiveness of website for global audience will need effective and efficient localization strategy. It means you get the chance to adapt website content along with necessary information for specified region that the firm wants to just penetrate. In a rather technical term, translating website needs to close language gap. Then you have localization where the website can fine tune message and prepare brand for meeting linguistic, cultural and functional expectations of the said global audience.

Cultural And Functional Aspect Of Localization:

Before you head towards Website Localization Examples, you have to learn more about satisfying cultural and functional expectations well enough, to never meet with a mistake in this regard. Localizing or adapting means to successfully compete within globalized business environment. It means to provide international audiences with website content and digital media to appeal them greatly. Businesses will always have to adapt their products to just satisfy expectations of end users.

The current requirements of the brand adaptation to local market might vary by region and industry. If not, then the expectations can finally be classified under two heads:

1) – Cultural

2) – Functional

Cultural content will include sizes, design styles, colours and shapes. Some changes are likely to be associated with icons, particular graphics and even images. The content must also consider myths, local symbols, rituals, humour and even etiquette with some of the societal values like relationship norms, local briefs and even power with its concepts. You might have to learn about that while dealing with Website Localization Process now.

There are some technical elements involved like the phone numbers, contact information, date formats and time, which are functional content. It might further include measurements, geographical references and weights. Language along with the linguistic content will include product description, reviews, company based information and some other parts of the functional content.

What Is Transcreation?

Right now, one of the major buzzwords that you might be coming across more often has to be transcreation. It is more than your basic Localization Procedure or services included in the list. It can prove to be one powerful tool, which depends on your usability. It works hard to take expertise and creativity of translator to employ some transcreation while focusing on localization task. This process is more like recreating marketing and advertising campaign of the company for improving cultural appeal and to help avoid some of the embarrassing and offensive communication.

There is always a good and even bad transcreation task and most fall under mistranslation. But, that does not mean you don’t get successful one.

1. Intel: This well-known manufacturer of the computer chips can also adapt the slogan for the Brazilian market. They get to know that their slogan for the company has different connotation in Brazilian Portuguese. When translated, it means that the company won’t be delivering on promise as the use of word “tomorrow.” So, the slogan was changed later.

2. Red Bull: For the current Chinese market out there, they basically change the colour of the can using gold for cans, red for bull and black for text. It is mainly for the company to avoid any kind of cultural blunders by using combination of gold and red, noted to be lucky Chinese colours.

3. Coca Cola: The famous one among the lot so far has to be Coca Cola. This campaign mainly involved printing first name of the person on the bottle label. This list then comprises of 150 first names that brand selected as per popularity level. The campaign turned out to be a bit hit globally. The company primarily has the foresight to make changes for some of the specified countries. In case of China, people put some formal significance in just using first names. So, brand will use names like “Classmate” or “Close Friend” in its place. the generalized theme of the current brand campaign will be intact but was able to just avoid stepping over some of the cultural boundaries around here.

Methods For Localization And Translation:

Before heading towards Website Localization Tips For Arabic Market, you need to understand about localization and translation meaning as per content type. These two terms will mean different notions. Some types are appropriate to some of the markets using standard translation. For most of the part, content for global audience needs website based localization help. The process will definitely turn to help transform material into emotive and much more creative than usual. It will make content appealing to local markets.

Website comprises of various contents like legal and technical ones, blogs, articles and marketing copy, product information, forums and reviews. Whenever you are trying to localize, it is an effective and less costly efficient method for creating a content based map. It helps the translators to identify method used for translation or localization.

The website seems to contain various types, from legal to marketing copy, user-generated to technical info. For cost and efficiency, it is always vital to map content types to most proper localization or translated needs. Considering the nature and content intent with audience, it helps to select the best method a lot easier than before. Some of the other indicators over here are lifespan, budget, and volume and update frequency. You can always consult with pro translated firm before creating website to know multiple options. It makes sense to select provider to offer various language services.

Type Of Content To Be Localized:

You might want to know Types Of Websites For Localization Practices. In general term, localization is employed widely to translate websites like video games, multimedia content, mobile apps and software. Whenever you are planning to localize, you can localize every part of information and data that you have.

Native Speakers Assistance:

Translation happens to be one crucial part of localization procedure as it helps in changing original or source language into target language as applicable to locale. Localization is procedure to make translated content adapt to local requirements like changing date format or just keeping 24 hour format for websites, as intended for audiences, right outside the USA.


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