What Do You Mean By Captioning? [A Brief Overview]

Engagement, interest & understanding are key components in modern business communication and video marketing plans.

People often say, “Video creation is the quickest method to attract an audience”.

Well, that’s true…

Creating videos has numerous benefits. But do you think just creating videos is enough to ensure your audience understands your message? One key thing to always consider in video creation is reliable captioning.

Eager to know more about it? Come, let’s jump into the pool of information about captioning.

Understanding Captioning

In simple words, captioning is the process of transforming audio into text and displaying it on a screen, monitor, and many other visual display systems. Captions can be used for various content like webcasts, television broadcast, CD-ROMs, videos, films, DVDs, live events, and so on.

Do captions just add text to a video? No, it also includes speaker identification, music description, and sound effects.

There are some important points to ensure the caption gives the real value of your investment:

a)- It should be synchronized well and appear at the same time as the words are spoken.
b)- It should match the audio, including sound effects and speaker identification.
c)- It should be available within time to those who want them.

Captions should be readable, accurate, and complete otherwise who will want to read them if they are just ruining the video/audio experience?

Now a question arises, Does captioning also have types? Yes, it has….

Here, we have something to share.

Types of Captioning

1. Open Captions

They are the permanent ones that don’t hide when the video is played. Sometimes, it becomes important to convey the message accurately. This is when standard open caption becomes your friend.

It’s great for public places, events, and even YouTube channels.

2. Live Captions

As the name suggests, live captions are transmitted for live TV programs like sports coverage, news & current affairs, and program finals. These captions can also be used in education, corporate and event settings.

The spoken words appear in a text format on the screen seconds after they are delivered. To do such a big task, you know professionals have to be your choice.

3. Closed Captions

You can hide this type of caption when playing a video. The reliable closed captioning for social media videos is popularly used on YouTube. If you have noticed, then you know on the right bottom side you can click and choose on closed and off closed caption.

‘CC’ has a wider use case than any other type of caption.

Is outsourcing captioning services worth it?

Yes, it is. Professionals have expertise that is a must for providing any type of caption you choose. If you generate videos and want to add captions to them, outsourcing captioning services should be in your plan.

Companies that are into providing this kind of service for several years always have the best and most highly skilled professionals on the team. They have the capability and knowledge of handling every sort of video and creating impactful captions you will ever come across.

Outsourcing captioning to a professional company is an affordable and profitable solution for long-term profits.

Tips to Choose the Best Captioning Service Provider

There are many providers in the market, but how to identify which one is right for you. Here we got some useful tips for you:

1. Manual Expertise

It’s crucial to know whether the company you are choosing has manual expertise or not. To get the correct captioning, professional captioners are not the only ones to check, the company should also have editors, proofreaders, and quality analysts.

The entire team should be talented enough to help you achieve the type of captions you want.

2. Diverse Clientele

The captioning company providing audio or real video captioning should have served clients from different industry sectors. This will ensure that they know how to handle videos coming from medical, e-Learning, corporate, entertainment, technical, promotional, or any other industry.

Plus, ensure that the captions are time-coded and accurate so that audiences can easily follow the video and gain knowledge from it.

3. Experienced Linguists

This point deserves attention. If you are planning to grow up in a different country or are crossing your local borders then linguists should be in your assistance.

Your clients should get connected to your provided content. And linguists will take care of that for both international and regional languages. They will satisfy all your language needs.


Captions are very useful to showcase the spoken words as text in the video. It helps various individuals and corporations to reach a wider audience. Tridindia makes it easy for you to get accurate captioning solutions at a very competitive price.

We will help you improve consumer understanding with our professional captioning. Feel free to call us at +91-8527599201 or through an instant quote today.

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