What is Audio Transcription: Its Need and How Professional Transcription Company Helps

Those days are gone when people need to take notes of everything spoken in a meeting. Today, audio transcription has made it easy to convert audio into text for more engagement and accessibility.

Recording important points communicated in meetings, interviews, conferences, and other conversations is now easy; thanks to audio transcription. Removed a sentence. Something which is available as a well-written text is accessible and easy to understand when compared to audio.

If you are a business owner and wish to know everything about top notch audio transcription, this blog is the right place to get started with.

Understand Audio Transcription

First of all, you must understand the basic definition or meaning of audio transcription. It is the art of converting what’s being said in the audio into written text format in the desired language. Removed last sentences. Earlier, when transcription was not introduced, people used to take notes while the person is talking and discussing things in the meeting. Removed one sentence.

Even today, most organizations follow this approach. Rather than recording and transcribing their audios, they get the work done live during a conference or a meeting.

Taking into consideration the errors – arising out of bias, negligence, and others – one must avoid this and opt for valuable transcription of recorded audios.

Why You May Need Transcription Of Audios?

The business world today is very competitive. To stay abreast with it and maintain your position in the race, it is important to follow processes that work towards the betterment of your business; and transcription is one of them.

You may need to transcribe audios for the following reasons –

1. Professional Reference

It can be kept as a written record of any important discussion that needs to be referred to at a later date.

With an audio transcript, you can read them in Doc. format or PDF. Even you can take a printout of it and read it whenever needed. Audio transcripts are very easy to use and you can share them anytime and anywhere.

2. Improve SEO

Transcribed audio helps you reach a larger audience by improving the SEO factor which ultimately helps to rank better in search engines.

As you might know that search engines don’t check any media content but they go through texts. When you do elite multilingual transcription, it improves the searches because there are many words in the text version that are used by people for search purposes.

3. Increase Shares

The more your content will be visible, the more will be the chances your audience sharing it across multiple platforms.

If the audio is correctly transcribed, the chances of getting more clicks increase on social media.

When you transcribe audio or video content, search engine tends to get more content to crawl. This automatically improves your user experience and visibility as well.

4. Content Repurposing

The recorded audio or podcast can be converted into infographics, tweets, or any type of content that engages the audience. Below are a few ways from which you can remodel your content.

✓ Blog Posting

If you are conducting a webinar or conference, you might want to convert them into a blog post for more reach. For this, transcribing is important so that nothing gets missed. This shows the major importance of audio transcription.

✓ Email Campaign

If you do a customer interview, you must record it and get it transcribed by professionals. This way you can share it with a larger audience via mail.

✓ Infographics

Infographics are also the best way to expand your business. If you record a podcast, consider converting it into infographics for the audience who doesn’t prefer audio. It will not only increase your viewership but will also lead to a boost in conversion rates.

In addition to these, you may need to get your audios transcribed for other reasons as well. Therefore, depending on your business needs, there can be several practical reasons why transcription is the ultimate need of your business.

With all this information, now you might be thinking about whether to hire a professional transcription company or not. To clear all your confusion, here we have merged some points you need to know.

Why Do Businesses Need Professional Transcription Company?

Being a business owner, you must leverage the high value benefits of transcription company and compete with your competitors using the right approach.

1. Boosts Employee Productivity

Transcribing your business recordings ensure the focus of your employees on improving their skills, investing their time to fulfill business goals, and ultimately boosting productivity.

2. Saves Time

No one will want to attend a meeting of long hours when they can quickly get the information shared in the text version. By giving a transcript of the meeting, you can give your employees the time to invest in other important business work.

The highly-trained transcriptionists will be able to address and handle all types of transcription needs.

3. Reduces Costs

The majority of businesses choose to hire in-house transcriptionists. However, this is very risky as there would be no assurance that they would surely deliver accurate transcription. As a result, you will have to invest hours in them just to make them understand what exactly you want.

To avoid this type of situation, you should always choose to work with a professional local transcription company as they can reduce and adjust training costs better.

If you have a diverse workforce, transcription is specifically important for you to ensure smooth internal communication. The HR policies, work requirements, and other internal communication get easier with a well-formatted, well-written text.


With improving technology, resources for transcribing audios have significantly improved. However, modern technologies, like automatic transcription are not the right resource that you should look for. At TridIndia, we offer error-free audio transcription in Hawaii under the vigilance of professional human transcribers.

Unlike machines, humans quickly understand the emotions, context, style, tone, and mood in which a speech is communicated. Hence, human transcription is the right resource.

To know about how we help, give us a call today at +91-8527599223 or send an instant quote now.


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