What Are Languages in Website Content Translation? Top 6 Languages To Consider

Is the website the medium for you to spread your message among the global audience? If you are running your business globally, or want to do so, understanding the international breakdown of web users is key to using a professional website translator.

Nowadays, more and more companies are going global and are realizing the significance of professional translation of their content. However, the fact is that more than 6000 languages are spoken all across the globe, making it impractical to translate your document in every single language. Hence, the issue arises for marketers to decide which language are must choose for running a business overseas. This challenge can become easy when you know that there are only a few languages that are spoken by a huge portion of audiences. Translating your website content into multiple languages enables you to tap an untapped market.

So, without any further delay, let’s know the top languages to consider when it comes to accurate and trustworthy website translation.

Top Languages used in Website Content Translation

1. Chinese

It is considered that Chinese is the fastest growing language around the world. The language stands in the second position with 19% of internet users preferring it. With 1.35 billion population speaking or trying to speak this language, it surely deserves 2nd place on the log. It would be very profitable if you translate your website content into Chinese to make your website accessible to Chinese speakers.

2. English

English is an international language, and if you do not speak English then you might know that most of the internet users speak English. What eCommerce sites need to know is that there are other languages too. It’s true that English is the core language for business communication, but it is not an official language.

Basically, if your website content is not in English, you should definitely translate your website into English to reach English-speaking regions. But besides English, you should also consider other languages too for effective business translation.

3. German

German is popularly spoken in Belgium, Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Germany, and Switzerland. The language is very convenient for English speakers and can be learned quickly in comparison to others. When it comes to business, many website translation companies provide website translation in German to help you get worldwide access to the fastest-growing German market.

This language influences 6% of the eCommerce translation service product on the web. The top-most reason for that is that Germany is amongst the Western European countries where eCommerce is growing rapidly. It is expected that in 2022, around 25 million Germans will tend to shop online.

4. Japanese

Despite striving hard to get out of the global recession last decade, this is a popular industrious nation of proven hard-working and dedicated people. Discipline and dedication are the two main things present in their blood that elevates Japanese society to the top-most educated, skilled, and trained in the world.

With about 90% of their population on the internet, this growing market region is important for focusing on industrial sectors and beyond. Translating efficiently in Japanese needs specialized skills that reputed translation companies for website can assure, all thanks to its native Japanese translators having a proper understanding of the cultural nuances.

5. Arabic

Internet users using the Arabic language come in next. The language would also be a complex language to translate a website in and hence would need a high-skilled and versatile translator to back you up. There are various intricate issues you should keep in mind if you are planning to enter this market.

6. Korean

It may be a small country, but its effective online presence is sufficient to mention this on the list. Korean users on the web would be around 37 to 39 million. It is complicated when you are translating into this language, therefore you should hire a website translator who completely understands the need to communicate with Korean speakers.

So, these are the top languages that are a must for reliable multilingual translation for websites owners.


Translating your website into multiple languages increases your chance to reach a wider audience and widen your horizons which is very important in this globalized world. At Tridindia, our translator platform supports many language pairs and can assist you to get a translation done for your website.

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