What Is Meant By Real-Time Interpretation? How Do I Get One?

International summits, conferences and seminars often require real-time interpretation for effective communication. It is regarded as one of the most difficult types of interpretation. But, do you what exactly is real-time or spontaneous interpretation? This blog will help you understand its meaning and how can you choose the right interpreting solution.

What Is Real-Time Interpretation?

If you keep track of your competitors or keep an eye on the international events taking place across the world, you might have certainly heard about this term. It can be best understood by an example, such as a United Nations meeting. The delegates from different corners of the world gather under one roof to discuss and explore the potential solutions for the pressing global issues. Now, the participating delegates may not be fluent in English – UN’s official language. This is why real-time interpreting is required to make sure every attendee at the event actively participates in the event and clearly understands what is being communicated.

♦ Basic Definition

Its basic definition says that it is a type of interpretation, wherein the interpretation takes place in real-time. This implies that the interpreter does not have to wait for the speaker to finish his sentence for interpreting the message. The speaker keeps on speaking the intended message and simultaneously the interpreter orally translates the message in the target language. The way the interpreters listen, translate and speak in real-time is truly impressive. Only a small pause is allowed to the interpreters, in order to process the words spoken by the speaker. Hence, presence of mind and expertise is a must-have in real-time interpreters.

♦ When Is Real-Time Interpreting Used?

As mentioned above, this type of interpretation is ideally used in large events or where there is a huge gathering of people. Some, of the major situation where this interpreting method is used, includes, but not limited to the following –

☞ Conventions and trade shows

☞ Sales presentations

☞ Teleconferences

☞ Training seminars

☞ Classroom Lectures

☞ Business or board meetings

☞ International conferences

☞ Guided Tours

☞ Diplomatic events

☞ Court procedures

☞ Live Television Broadcasts

☞ Religious Functions


♦ How It Works?

☞ The speaker speaks the source language into the microphone.

☞ From there, it is broadcasted to the interpreter who sits in a soundproof booth, listening to the message in the source language through a headset.

☞ The interpreter then instantly orally translates the speaker’s message in the target language and speaks into a microphone.

☞ From here, it is broadcasted to the delegates who receive the interpreted message in their native language through wireless headsets.

This is how the message passes on from the speaker to the audience in real-time.


How To Choose The Right Interpretation Provider?

You cannot get the interpretation done by any random person who has a basic knowledge of both the source and target languages. Although it seems to be easy, but it is not. Listening, translating speaking at once in sync with the speaker is not a kid’s play and that too at a huge platform where meetings, conferences, presidential speeches are conducted. So, you must look for genuine interpretation services in Alaska that commit delivering quality interpretation under the guidance of professional real-time interpreters. Here is how you can find the right interpretation service provider near you –

☞ Make sure the company holds a good amount of experience in the interpretation industry.

☞ Check if the company holds specialization in interpreting for the desired industry or the desired language pairs.

☞ Check if the company has professional real-time interpreters.

☞ Confirm quality assurance and confidentiality commitments.

While you discuss your needs with the vendor, make sure you are clear about everything – what exactly do you need, what are your objectives, what are the main languages, location and other such requirements.

How To Get The Best Interpretation In real-time?

Following the above points, you can easily find the best service provider, like TridIndia for fulfilling your interpretation needs. With professional real-time interpreters on board, we make sure that you achieve the desired results. We even help you with urgent simultaneous interpretation in Hawaii, rental equipment and conference organization across any location in India. So, what are you waiting for? Organize or attend an interpretation event with ease. Contact our operations team today to know everything in detail.


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