Is Outsourcing Audio Video Transcription Better Than In-House Transcription?

When it comes to choosing a better option between outsourcing and building an in-house team, the former option always turns out to be fruitful. The same is the case with transcription. Taking into consideration, budget, quality and several other parameters, outsourcing audio video transcription is always better than in-house transcription.

Meetings, interviews, podcasts – there is a big list of conversations that a business might require to be transcribed. When there is something to get transcribed, companies often choose human transcription because the chances of errors are low.

But there is always a debate between in-house transcription or outsourcing reliable video transcription or audio transcription solutions. – which one is beneficial in terms of certain factors?

So, if you are in need of transcription and thinking about whether to outsource or do it in-house, this blog will help you out.

Key Factors To Consider

Often performing transcription in-house seems to be an easy task as business owners believe that converting audio/video into text is very easy and anyone can do it. Therefore, to save costs, they assign transcription tasks to their employees (from any department).

Some business owners even plan to hire full-time transcriptionists to get the work done. On the other hand, some business owners prefer to outsource the task to a professional transcription agency. Here’s why –

1- Location

• In-house: Your in-house team members will transcribe sitting in your office, which means you will have to provide them with the infrastructure, internet, laptop, electricity and other facilities. Not just this, your team member may not be native to the language spoken in the audio or video.

• Outsource: The infrastructure costs do not add up when you outsource the project. Also, with outsourcing, you have the freedom to allocate the task to a transcriber, who is a native speaker of the language used in the audio/ video file.

2- Quality

• In-house: Assuring quality can be challenging with an in-house team as they are not professional in offering swift transcription solutions and would also be required to perform tasks demanded by their actual job role. So, work pressure can result in poor quality transcription.

• Outsource: Upon outsourcing your project to professional transcribers or to a professional transcription company, you can rest assured that you will get a quality output.

The QC process is also done from their end so you need not worry about anything.

3- Workforce Benefits

• In-house: If you hire an in-house team, you will have to offer them certain workforce benefits, for example, ESI, PPF, health insurance and other perks or fringe benefits. It is nothing but an added cost to you.

• Outsource: No such benefits are required when you choose to outsource the project. You only have to pay for the services to the trusted low cost transcription company.

4- Manpower Management

• In-house: Hiring a team, onboarding them, familiarizing them with the job responsibilities, resolving grievances, handling attrition and turnover is a huge task. It requires investing both your time and money.

• Outsource: You need not worry about employee turnover or attrition (and other management issues) in the case of outsourcing.

You will always get the right resources to work on video transcription as vendors have a huge network of professional transcribers, who work on different types of transcription assignments in different languages.

5- Production Capacity

• In-house: Taking into consideration the vacation days and sick leaves your employees may take, the capacity to produce more transcribed files will be significantly less as planned.

• Outsource: The transcribers are paid for the amount of work you outsource to them. Vacation days and sick leaves do not count in their case. Hence, the capacity of working on transcribed files is exactly the same as you desire. Also, they follow powerful transcription strategies so that you get the desired outcome within time.

With these major points of difference, it would be easy for you to decide which is the best option for your business transcription needs. So, whenever you need to get your audio or video files transcribed, you can always choose to outsource over an in-house team.

Want More Details?

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