What Is Simultaneous Interpretation: Importance, Uses And Benefits

Do you know what is simultaneous interpretation, why it is important and when it used by business owners? Interpretation holds a major significance in helping entrepreneurs spread their wings globally through effective oral communication. Hence, one cannot ignore the importance of interpreting, especially the simultaneous mode as it is the most widely used form of interpretation in the business world.

This article highlights everything that you need to know about simultaneous interpretation. So, scroll down to get started.

What Is Simultaneous Interpretation: Definition

As is evident from its name, simultaneous interpreting is a type of interpretation that is carried out in a simultaneous manner. This implies that the interpretation begins as soon as the speaker starts conveying his/her thoughts to the audience present in a meeting or a large conference event. Whatever is spoken by the speaker gets simultaneously interpreted in the target language.

This clearly shows how demanding the work is. So, being a business owner, you must be very careful while choosing an interpreter. The interpreters must have excellent fluency and command over both the source and target language. Also, they must be aware of the target culture nuances, so that they can instantly adapt the communication as per the target culture.

The interpreter is generally seated in a soundproof booth, from where the interpretation is carried out. The audience can switch to their respective language headset channels to understand what is being said in the meeting.

When Is Simultaneous Interpretation Used?

This is a big question that surrounds the minds of the business owners. So, if you too, are concerned about the same you must know the following.

1)- When Simultaneous Interpreting Is Used

Training sessions
International conventions
Business meetings
Diplomatic conferences
Lectures and presentations

2-)- When Simultaneous Interpreting Is Not Used

■ Parent-teacher conferences
■ Employee Training
■ Client-attorney meetings
■ Interviews
■ Medical consultations
■ HR meetings
■ Court depositions

In simple words, this form of interpretation is used where there is a large gathering of people, as in business or professional conference interpretation. So, you can simultaneously address to a number of people in a number of languages.

Benefits & Importance Of Simultaneous Interpretation

As the process takes place simultaneously, it becomes easy for the audience to understand what the speaker is trying to convey almost immediately. Hence, it holds a great level of importance for the business owners. The points mentioned below not just highlight the importance of the said service, but also define the benefits of the same.

a) Real-Time: Due to the very fact that interpretation takes place in real time, you can be ascertained that the message conveyed won’t be lost. The audience will instantly consume what is being spoken and express their opinions in their native language.

b) Multilingual Communication: Simultaneous form of interpretation is very successful in settings where there is a need for multilingual communication. As the interpretation takes place simultaneously in several languages, the message is properly conveyed to a large mass of audience, giving them the freedom to follow up with business delegates in their native language.

c) Higher Level Of Accuracy: In comparison to consecutive interpreting, this type of interpretation commits much higher level of accuracy as the interpreter needs not to keep a note of or remember what is being said and interpret.

d) Makes It Easy To Consume Information: Unlike translation or any other type of interpretation, simultaneous interpreting makes it easier for the audience to consume the information very quickly and that too in their mother tongue.

From the information stated above, it is very clear that interpreting is very important for business owners and that they must definitely opt for the same if they are addressing a huge multilingual audience.

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