What is Transcription And Why is Language Transcription Important?

Why I want a transcription document? How transcription is important for business? These are some questions that people have in their minds. Read further to learn what is transcription and why is language transcription important.

A document transcribed properly reproduces what the speaker has conveyed literally to his audience. Though, the medium of communication could be anything from video to audio or text language according to the convenience of the speaker or situation where it has been delivered.

Let’s go deep to know what does transcribe sounds like and how it benefits businesses.

What is Transcription?

Transcription is a document developed by typing everything either from a video or audio. The transcript can be an accurate word for word document, or the transcriptor can deduct specific parts of the speech. They do this by removing things like ‘ooh’, ‘ehh’, and ‘mmh’ that are heard but are not essential in the document.

Now that you know what transcription is, let’s move on to the importance of transcription.

The Importance Of Language Transcription

There are uncountable reasons a transcription like a video content transcription may be needed. Look at some of the examples mentioned below:

1. Makes Content Relevant For The Deaf Or Hard Of Hearing

Being a brand that delivers accessibility alternatives to those with hearing impairments not only influences corporate social responsibility and increases the brand image but has the power to open up services to a completely new audience.

2. Gives Subtitles Or Closed Captions

To make closed captions or subtitles, you need a complete transcription document from the video. The secure transcription company then will utilize the transcript to add time-code markers that will reference what is being said at concrete times in the video.

This means that the closed captions or subtitles will appear on the screen at the exact time it had to.

The transcript may have to be precipitate further to work as subtitles as there is a certain character limit implemented.

3. Adds Effectiveness To Voice-Over

Transcribers do valuable transcription when the final voice-over needed to be time-synced to a video. This means the timing of the voice over speech will meet the particular timings in the video and hence be in sync with what is happening on screen.

This is a common need when translating the voice over incorporate explainers or videos.

4. Translation Purposes

The foremost step of translation is transcribing. Once you have the time codes in place for voice-over or subtitles use, you can then use that same transcription document to develop as many numerous foreign language versions as needed. The time code stamps will remain the same in every language and will mark where every section of speech starts and ends.

This is essential as the translator may have to condense the translation to fit it with the subtitle or voice over timings so that they still match up with what’s happening on screen. This brings you quality language transcription.

5. Increases User Experience (UX)

Transcripts make a better user experience, delivering an alternative method for visitors to interact with audio or video content. Media can be made more engaging by involving playlist search and interactive transcript. If the experience is better, then users will invest more time on your website or page, which positively impacts the page’s SEO.

Around 81% of students use transcripts as a study aid. According to a study, transcripts are impacting student experiences in higher education. About 99% of students take classes that have video included in the coursework, making video an essential part of their learning process.


In this post, we have explained transcription and its importance very clearly. Transcription is undoubtedly a need of an hour and every company, especially that belongs to the medical or legal industry needs top benefits of video transcription. Hence if you are too searching for a company then Tridindia is where your search ends. Backed with the team of experts who has years of experience, we are one of the leading transcription service providers. Our team ensures that every project undertaken is done under professional guidance and delivered without any error.

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