What Is Video Transcription: The 101 Guide For Entrepreneurs

Videos are and will always be the biggest medium for sharing information in an engaging manner. Reports convey that almost 87% of global organizations prefer to use video as an important part of their marketing strategy. Not just this, people, on a daily basis, watch 500+ million hours of videos on YouTube. With these statistics, it is quite evident that videos are accessible by a large population on a worldwide scale. If you add transcripts to them, your business will grow further. Here, in this blog, we are going to uncover everything related to transcribing videos that hold importance for business owners and entrepreneurs.

What Is Video Transcription?

First of all, you should have a clear idea of what exactly is meant by transcribing videos. In very simple words, converting the content of a video into readable text is known as the process of transcription for videos. Any type of video, for instance, webinars, films, web series, online videos, podcasts, news footage and interviews can be transcribed easily. It is not just limited to transcribing the spoken words in the video, it may also include parts of audio (background music or sound effects), gestures etc.

Why Transcription For Videos Is Important?

Many a times, you may wonder why transcription or is transcription really important. Correct? If you are finding potential answers to these questions, here’s what you must know –

1- Improves User Experience

Transcription improves the user experience for customers who love to read content while watching videos. Not just this, expert Transcription services in Georgia help in sound-sensitive environment, where one can enjoy videos without the need of audios. Transcription allows a website visitor find the right video on your site, by searching a specific keyword used in the video transcript.

2- Repurposing Content

Creating a fresh content every other day is not easy for global organizations. This is why organizations can use transcription to repurpose the content and use it as eBooks, Blog articles, social media posts, guides and email campaigns.

3- Improves SEO

Your video content gets indexed by search engines through video transcripts. The transcripts act as a source of data that is crawled by the search engines, boosting the ranking of the videos. You can even optimize your transcripts for specific keywords to improve discoverability.

4- More Accessibility To ESL Viewers

Viewers who do not understand English language or consider English as a second language, find transcripts to be very useful, as they allow the viewers to fully consume the video and understand its true essence. Hence, you are able to attract a huge mass of audience.

In simple words, you need transcription for the following reasons –

Deaf Or Hard Of Hearing Audiences: Your brand image and corporate social responsibility enhances, when you give accessibility alternatives to people with hearing impairments.

Voice Over: Transcribing for voice over, as in manual Video transcription in New Jersey, helps a speech to be time-synced in the video, for example, voice overs in explainers, tutorials or corporate videos.

Translation: To prepare the subtitles or voice over in different languages, translation of the transcribed file is always required.

Why Should You Hire a Video Transcriptionist?

Getting the videos transcribed in-house or using any random transcription software may cost less. But, the accuracy and quality in transcription may not be guaranteed. The former case may even cost you more with increasing recruitment, attrition and infrastructure costs. Also, you may not be able to focus on your core objectives. Hence, outsourcing the task definitely makes sense.

If you outsource the task to a professional transcriptionist, you will get the benefits of accuracy, faster turnaround, confidentiality, and high quality. Also, you will have to pay only what is asked for. Here are some reasons why should you hire a professional transcriber for outsourcing the task.

Better quality

100% confidentiality

Experts work on your project

QC is included in the total price quote

No breach of deadlines

Publish-ready transcripts

So, do you wish to boost engagement on your website or social media platforms? Video transcripts can be an easy way out. We, at TridIndia, maintain the highest levels of accuracy while delivering same day Audio transcription in Kansas. We have professional audio and video transcribers on board who possess the abilities to transcribe all types of videos (in any format) in all types of languages. We strictly use human transcription to help you get the desired results.

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