Why is Website Translation Essential For Your Business?

Internet users prefer to visit sites that deliver a lot of valuable information in their native language because such websites enable them to learn more about specific areas of interest and make well-informed choices when they are making purchases. So, with such a powerful impact of translation, don’t you think you should also have website translation for your business?

Many of you might not know why is website translation essential for your business. So, here we will make you realize how essential it is for your business. If your website has lots of information that is beneficial to your target consumers, it will automatically generate a greater amount of traffic.

However, if the content in your site is only written in English, you will only attract people who can understand the language. Even though English is the most common language on the web, it is one of the many languages that are utilized by internet users. Millions of users interact in other languages, which can range from Spanish to Chinese.

So, it’s very essential that you get reputed translation service providers for translating your website into your audience’s native languages.

Major Reasons Why Website Translation Is Essential?

1. E-commerce:

Nowadays, people shop online more than ever before. In countries such as the US and China, online sales are even outstripping daily revenue made from traditional mortar and brick locations.

In 2014-2015, mobile e-commerce alone increased by 35%. However, the linguistic diversity of growing international markets in Asia is still a barrier to form a potential global e-commerce platform. Hence websites like Taobao, Amazon, Flipkart, and eBay still remain regional.

All this is to say that there are lots of content that is being generated from e-commerce websites that could be translated through error free website translation to reach a wider audience. This content ranges from product names and descriptions to user reviews.

2. Entertainment And Gaming:

The entertainment industry (including movies, television, and music), as well as the gaming industry, is evolving. The entertainment industry produces a huge amount of website content when they offer the audience a way of downloading the movie.

For some television shows, website translation is essential so as to give their audience a way to understand the story or download the entire episode conveniently.

Gaming in particular is a new entrant to the global market, but with reputed firms producing top-quality work from all across the world, the demand to offer translation of gaming sites is higher than ever. Furthermore, the best qualities of a professional translator make the translation smoother and easier.

3. Global Travel:

It is convenient to travel all over the world than even thanks to travel websites that help you navigate accommodations and transportation bookings. Given that they deal with travel, these websites regularly encounter ticketing information, tour packages details, and accommodation descriptions that are listed in their local languages. To serve a truly international customer base, that content must be translated into various languages.

Furthermore, when doing a big purchase (for example, airline tickets) customers mostly consult user reviews on traveling platforms such as Trip Advisor or Lonely Planet. Those reviews can be a huge boost for businesses but as of now, remain in only the language utilized by the reviewer and hence constraining the number of genuine customers who might read the review.

Adding to that, before you hire any translator, first make sure you know what is translation.

4. Social Media:

Our social media footprints- the user-generated data people make on their business or personal accounts- is as valuable as it is ephemeral. Viral Instagram or Facebook posts that get hundreds or thousands of likes, articles that get re-Tweeted thousands of times: these are now few powerful revenue-generating and publicity tools for enterprising businesses and individuals today.

The publicity from one post in one language cannot be transferred to a viewing group that does not speak that language, severely limiting the reach of anyone’s online presence. That’s why translation is essential.

In an industry where the flow of capital and timing is very essential, the major need of website translation will grow for making sure continuing growth.


The short of it is this if you want to make your online business successful you highly need website translation to make sure you are serving every potential customer from different corners of the world. Tridindia can satisfy all your translation needs. With professional translators and with native fluency in many languages, we are among India’s most demanding choices.

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