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The number of companies hired for interpretation and translation has doubled in the past seven years, and the number of people employed in the industry has jumped 24% in the same time. By 2024, the growth of the translation and interpretation industry is projected to increase by 35%. The translation market is huge and getting bigger each year. So here a question comes, what is translation?

What Exactly Translation Means?

The translation is the transmission of written text from one language (the source) to another language (the target). Although translation and interpretation mostly used interchangeably, by actual definition, translation refers to the written language, and interpretation refers to the spoken language.

The main objective of translation is to transfer the intent of a message and original tone, taking into consideration regional and cultural differences between target and source languages.

Nowadays, translation is a field that is seeing a lot of activity these days, it’s all because of the increasing globalization of businesses. There is a large number of people in a country that do not speak their local language well.

Of course, this portends well for the translation industry. There are different types of translation that may be needed, and each of them is unique, with its specific requirements and processes. If you are partnering with international business, it would be useful to hire translation services near me, who can understand your specific needs and can accommodate them. Experienced translation service professionals, whether working as a part of a company or individual, can deliver the exact translation service you have expected.

This becomes very valuable when content creation is consistent and can be reused- eventually translating into cost reduction, and saving time by the deduction of duplication of efforts.

On your part, it is essential that you conduct a meeting with your service provider over the phone and convey them your exact needs- the more information you can deliver them about your business, the easier it will be for them to meet your specific needs and expectations. If you can, try to set out important jargon or terms used in your industry, and a style guide. Furthermore, discuss with the translation providers to familiarize them with the products and services you offer.

Translations can be classified into two- non-business related, and business-related categories. However, there is some kind of overlap in both categories. So let’s determine the most common types of translations that you can hire.

1. Literary Translation

The name is pretty predictable- literary translation depicts the translation of literary works like novels, stories, books, and so on. It is often considered as the biggest form of translation because this type of translation is so much more than just converting the context and the meaning of the document into the target language. It involves many relevant cultural nuances, translating humor, emotions, feelings, and other subtle aspects of a particular work. Many litterateurs say that it is very difficult. Some examples of situations that could be complicated are- puns, rhyming words, anagrams, idioms, and so on.

Most of the time, there are no appropriate translations in the target languages, and the humor is lost. Have you ever tried to translate a joke into another language? If yes, then you would certainly understand what we are trying to say here. Haven’t you felt that after translating, the funny part doesn’t remain as funny as it was? That’s why it’s important to hire expert translation services who can translate every single word without changing its uniqueness.

2. Technical Translations

Any technical content that has to be translated- manuals, user guides, online help text, training materials, video, instruction booklets, marketing materials for technical fields such as engineering or science, manufacturing- all these come under technical translation. When selecting a translation company, it is important to analyze how well-trained they are with the jargon and terminology used in your specific industry- if they are not as familiar with the stuff as you want but they are good in the translation, it would make sense to deliver the complete information about your company so that they can get familiar with your business in general, and your business in particular. By nature, technical content translation is a little difficult, and even a tiny mistake can result in a huge loss, therefore it’s ideal to use the benefits of translation services as this will assure you that you are getting the best from the best.

3. Medical Translations

Any medical content that is related to labels, instructions, packaging, scientific papers, medical device documentation, doctor prescriptions, pharma studies and so on, generally needs translation services, It is absolutely imperative that the translation service providers are well-experienced, have the appropriate knowledge, and are in-country professionals.

Translation of medical documents can be complicated as the needs of the translation can vary from country to country; a company specialized in translation would be your profitable bet, as they would know the intricacies of all the different requirements. The professional translation service company doesn’t risk the quality of the translated document by using machine translation. Therefore, they avoid machine translation as this doesn’t guarantee to deliver a well-translated document.

4. Multimedia Translations

Graphics, videos, animations, infographics, GIFs- all this can be merged under multimedia; and this is very essential today, as more and more organizations are creating multimedia content to reach their audience and keep them engaged. Localizing this content can be a little difficult though it may look very simple from the outside. It has to be relevant for the local culture, and appeal to the customers in that region. If you don’t do it efficiently, you could end up disrespecting your audience and drive them away. Obviously, you don’t want this to happen so to avoid them it’s good to hire multimedia translation services.

5. Commercial Translation

This type of translation need language translator with specialized skills, such as knowledge of the business, and the industry to which it belongs. This kind of translation of commercial documents could include business reports, correspondence, company accounts, tender documents, memos, and so on.

6. Script Translation

Many popular TV shows and movies that come out of Hollywood and Bollywood are dubbed into multiple languages and are released worldwide; sometimes the films are in Indian languages and dubbed into English like the Telugu language blockbuster, Baahubali, which was released in German and Chinese, among other languages. But for these releases to happen, first the script has to be translated into the target language.

You can count it as a literary translation, but it’s not exactly the same. Sometimes it can be little dicey, as translating jokes, punchlines, or catchy phrases into another language to leave the same impact on the audience is very difficult. That’s why it’s important to hire the script translation service providers as they can bring accuracy in the translation. With more movies being released in different languages these days, the script translation is very much in demand today.

7. Legal Translation

This is the most complex translations, and involves marriage certificate and birth certificate translations, translating contracts, memorandums, agreements, wills, and so on. A professional translator needs to understand the multiple underlying texts of the document and that of the two countries or regions for which the documents are needed- the politico-legal aspects, and the socio-cultural aspects as well. They would then require to translate in a certain way that the target audience can easily understand the text. Even if you are familiar with the culture and are good at translation, you may need to hire an experienced translation service company so as to make sure that your translation is error-free.

8. Website Translations

We are obviously discussing subtitles for videos on your web pages, website copy, and any documents you have on your site. Here you will also require to change things such as address formats, currencies, and layouts, so as to reach the different local audiences. Now when it comes to website localization vs website translation, then it needs to be specified that website translation and localization both are difficult and to be done by professionals.

You need to think about the languages you want your site to be translated in and then locate the pages accordingly. Hiring a website translation company will ease the process if you want accuracy in your work.

It takes a lot of effort for executing quick website translation as a small mistake can lead to a heavy loss.

9. Administrative Translation

In the realm of translation, administrative demonstrates the translation of management texts you often see being used in companies- whether regional businesses or huge corporations. Though quite similar to commercial translators, it’s not exactly the same. While administrative translation can be called as a part of commercial translation, all commercial translation is not administrative.


With this, you might have understood what is a translation service. Of course, there are many types of translations such as medical, script, legal, literary, and so on and there are translators with different knowledge and skills that can work perfectly for various translation projects. What makes sense for one specific translation type might not work for another. That’s why it’s necessary to hire a certified translation firm that can deliver you effective translation service in Mumbai and this will assure that you are getting the best results with no errors.

At Tridindia, we provide translation services for all kinds of documents. With the years of trust of our clients and our team’s understanding, we are successfully delivering effective and efficient work on time. We would be very grateful if you consider us for your translation projects. To know more reach out to our project manager +91-8527599523 or simply mail us at info@tridindia.com


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