What is The Need Of Website Translation?

A study says that 63% of people are more likely to purchase from a site available in their native language. However, 73% of people frequently encounter websites that are not available in their native language. So, don’t you think, website translation has become the need of an hour?

Most of the People don’t know what is the need of website translation, they often ignore it as they are unaware of the fact that it can help them in major terms. That’s why here we will talk about why businesses need website translation.

Serving global customers online is a great way to increase your business growth and website translation is the best way to reach them. Although, the need of website translation varies depending on industry vertical, existing global market, and many other factors, but nearly every company has a few great reasons for hiring relevant website translation services.

Need of Website Translation for a Start-up and a Well-Established Online Business

1. Increase Conversion Rate

As per a survey conducted by professionals, users are more likely to buy from a website whose content is written in their native language. Summarizing their survey shows that:

♦ 53% consider it to be more convenient if the information on the website is in their mother tongue
♦ 60% rarely buy at English-only websites
♦ 74% of customers are more likely to buy a second time if support is provided in their native language.

2. Increase Website Traffic

The more professional and accessible your website is, the more customers you will get and the more loyal they will become to you. In the age of smartphones and constant e-connectivity, there is no doubt that your business website will make a strong first impression. This clearly justifies that credible website translation so important.

In fact, 61% of the global internet users research products online, so your site is one of your powerful marketing tools.

Keeping this in mind, consider the impact that a translated website can have on your web traffic. Around half of all Google searches are in languages other than English. The capability to engage global customers will boost your website’s traffic- it is basically an instant return.

3. Strengthen Your Brand

In real life as well as online- first impression matters. One of your company’s primary assets to communicate with potential customers and users online is your website. Hence, the first impression of your site lasts in your visitor’s heads. Adapting your website to local customers’ choices and cultural intricacies through website translation will lead to a better image of your brand. However, you can use essential website localization tips to make your translation work more accurately.

The money you spend in translation projects is an investment for building up relationships with future customers.

4. Shows Your Client That They Matter

People buy for various reasons. For example, they might love your messaging and branding, they might need your product and services, they might like your packaging, or customer services, and a lot more other things.

But the most important factor for buying from someone is “Trust”. So how will you show your consumers that they matter? How will you establish trust? Yes, you guessed it right! Translating your website into their language can be a huge step. Especially if you are selling products that have lengthy descriptions or that can be difficult to understand in an international context, then it’s important to consider the dedicated role of translation for your website.

By reaching out to genuine customers in their native language, you get higher possibilities to gain their trust and automatically make them buy from you.

5. Outdo Your Competition

Before stepping into new market research carefully to identify high-potential markets in terms of legal restrictions and competition. Occupying new markets before your competitors do is literally an incentive. A strong brand and company distinguish from others in market penetration and global performance. Thus, translation plays an important role when grabbing a slice of a market share and outdoing the competition. According to the customers you want to attract to your website, you can choose from different types of language translation.

6. Convert Visitors To Loyal Customers

Obviously, it’s not just about convincing people to visit your site, it’s mainly about converting visitors into loyal customers.

Do you know you get only a few seconds to capture the attention of visitors and turn them into genuine customers? It’s true! Most visitors leave a website within a few seconds. This means that your content needs to be on point and engaging and, even more importantly, translated accurately. Apart from English, it’s important to translate every page of your website into other languages.

Wrapping it up:

A multilingual website delivers the chance to connect with more people across the globe while delivering a world-class customer service experience. If you are planning to take your website to new heights and make it global then consider Tridindia, we will help you with our effective strategies and potential team. Believe it or not, but it could be your next big marketing move.

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