Why is Website Translation so Important? [Facts & Figures]

As internet technologies continue to expand and grow, becoming ever more widespread and accessible, the value of a website grows too. A site is a very valuable asset for any business in this modern globalized world with its ability to attract new visitors, inform them about your product and services, and ultimately conduct a sale, regardless of the type of business, its industry sector, and the website’s aim. So, don’t you think website translation has become a necessity for every business?

Expanding your business globally and stepping in international markets is convenient than ever before. There is no better way to represent your company to a new market than translating your website. In terms of online communication, your site is your primary asset and most essential communication channel.

This post list the top reasons why website translation is important to capture new markets successfully.

Importance Of Website Translation In Top Businesses

1. Companies Doing International E-Commerce

For anyone doing business in international markets, expert website translation should be a no-brainer. Language is mostly underestimated as a selling factor. However, in a study, about 60% of participants said that being able to get information about the product in their native language was more essential to them than price. Obviously, this does not just count in retail. Wholesale, export/import businesses and everyone else operating globally can also greatly benefit from website translation.

Even if you are not actively selling your products and services to other countries, if you are delivering worldwide shipping, the website translation can still help open up new markets and streams of revenue.

2. Companies In Countries With More Than One Language

It might look like a surprise but not every country in the world only uses one main language or not every blog translation agency translate a specific language. It’s crazy, right? As if learning to speak one language growing up was not hard enough. However, that’s exactly what people living in Switzerland (German, Italian, French), Belgium (German, Dutch, French), Canada (French, English), and other countries with many official languages do. Yet, it does not even have to be an official language of the country for it to make sense to translate your site into. Many countries have large subgroups of people who speak a second language.

For instance, in the USA there are around 41 million speakers people whose native language is Spanish. That’s 13% of the population and not a small number. The total number of Spanish speakers is every more.

You might have similar groups in your locality that you are now ignoring. If your business is located in one such country you can’t neglect outsourcing translation requirements.

3. Companies Operating In (Inbound) Travel And Tourism

Travel and tourism are, obviously, a perfect area to offer a translated website. Especially if you are residing in a famous holiday destination, it is crucial that travelers can find information about your business that they can understand. That is mainly true for:

transportation providers (buses, trains, planes)
hotels, hostels, and other accommodation
landmarks, sightseeing, culture
tour and event organizers

As you have learned earlier, English is not always enough, and having access to their native language is very essential for consumers. Having access to a completely translated website in their native language makes it more likely for someone who wants to book a tour with you, stay at your place, or take benefit from your services. Furthermore, you can use tips for website localization for more accurate work.

4. Companies Who Offer Digital Products

For businesses with physical products, it is not always easy to branch out into other countries. There are many things to consider like opening up local brick-and-mortar branches or storage facilities, shipping costs, and other real-world concerns.

However, businesses that deal with digital products and services have so many concerns. All they require to do is localize the offerings on their site. They already have the source to sell to anyone at any time. This makes it convenient to brand out to other parts of the world.

5. Companies Who Want To Improve Their SEO And Search Traffic

Anyone who has a site is at least somewhat concerned about SEO. Even if you are not a subject related expert, possibilities are you have heard of it and at least know that it matters. However, many still neglect just how important it really is. For instance, you might be surprised to hear that 92% of all online experiences start with a search query. You read it right, 92%! plus, the search result in the first position gets somewhere between 30-45% of the clicks (relying on whether it is an unbranded or branded search query), falling to 12-15% for the third position, and less than 2% in the last two positions.

Now you might think, what does that have to do with website translation? Well, when people search for anything on the web, they generally do so in their native language. That means, if your website does not exist in the language your potential customers use, they will forever be obvious to your existence.

Bottom Line:

Adding additional languages to your site and hiring a document translation company is a solid business investment. In a growing international online environment, accommodating visitors from different localities is a good way to grow business as well as revenue. Website translation by Tridindia is done by experienced translators. Being the leading website translation provider, the company has been offering services to various cities of India and worldwide clients. We strictly follow your guidelines to make sure there is no mistake in the translation.

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