Why Small Businesses Need Subtitling Today? [7 Genuine Reasons]

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The short answer to this question is, because more than 70% of people get convinced to invest in a product or service after watching a company’s subtitled video.

Do you know that subtitling increases the reading time by 15% and the engagement level by 30% on social media platforms? Small businesses can actually get a competitive edge over their competition just by incorporating subtitling into their video marketing strategy.

It’s common for people to think that subtitles are mainly for entertaining content. But that’s a myth. Businesses looking to expand their reach can get huge help from high grade subtitling. Read on to find out how subtitles are helping small businesses get profit from videos.

Reasons Why Small Businesses Need To Invest In Subtitling

1. Increases Consumption

Adding subtitles to your content will help your business reach more audiences. This is because as more you will make them feel comfortable by communicating in their language, the more they will get impressed by your efforts.

When more people understand what your business offers, your sales automatically start increasing. Subtitles are also the best way to reach people who have a hearing impairment.

Getting attention from the audience from a new territory increases consumption. And this can be ensured by a trustworthy subtitling agency in Germany.

2. Expands Viewership On Social Media

Social media has given a huge opportunity to businesses or video creators to reach a huge audience. But not every type of video gets success on this platform. Mostly the native adapted videos get more views.

Most of the social media content is consumed when the user is traveling. Thus, they tend to keep the video on mute. By adding subtitles, you can ensure that your content is seen and shared everywhere and at any time.

3. Increases Market Share

If the language barrier is appearing as a hurdle in letting you enter a foreign market, subtitling is the way you need to choose. The exact benefits of working with subtitling company can’t be ignored when you want expansion.

Subtitles that are specifically made to target a particular set of audiences will help you get their attention and interest in buying your products or services.

As you already know that videos are a great communication tool, improving your market share could be the major reason to invest in subtitling.

4. Make Foreign Employees Understand Your Culture

If you are running your business at a global level, you probably have many foreign employees too. Due to language and cultural differences, those employees can feel a little uncomfortable understanding the work process videos. Here, subtitles can help to make your business information more accessible to foreign employees who do not speak the same language as yours.

You need to find a reputed company for subtitle translation so that there is no chance of miscommunication.

5. Improves Brand Memorization

You might have noticed that when you read something it often sticks to your mind for a long time compared to the visuals. This is because our brand stores information better after reading something. Subtitles add that element to the video which leaves a long-lasting impression on the mind of the viewers.

Plus, it helps to understand the video easily when the accent of the audio is different and there are technical terms.

6. Protects Your Brand In A Foreign Market

If you are operating your business in a foreign market, communicating in the language that the specific market uses the most is important to avoid some drawbacks.

Every company is constantly trying to reach a new audience to expand their business. If you are not the first one to start the communication, someone else would do it and get the competitive edge.

Adding subtitles in the first language of your audience will ensure the message is accurately delivered and the conversation is smooth.

7. Improve Your (SEO)

By including premium video subtitles translation, you can immediately get noticed by Google and other search engines. This is because having text in your video helps Google to go through your content and rank it in a good position according to its relevancy.

Also, subtitles will help your video get indexed faster by Google.

Whether you are thinking of investing your time in video marketing or already practicing it, we hope that these benefits of subtitling might have made your thoughts crystal clear on why small businesses need subtitling today.

In a Nutshell:

A subtitled video assures you a high return on investment in a global market. Tridindia offers top-notch subtitling solutions to clients from different locations and helps brands convey their message to a global audience. We help you to improve your brand image with our extensive network of resources and talents that offers subtitles in multiple languages.

To have a conversation with us, call us at +91-8527599201 or get an immediate quote now.

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