Customer Retention Strategies: How to Increase Retention Through Localization?

Having a strong customer base is not enough. You need to provide them with excellent incentives to stay. How is this possible? With powerful customer retention strategies, you can make this happen and that is all you will get to know here.

Customer retention is the process of deterring customers from switching to another company or the important actions a company takes to make the customers stay.

You can boost customer retention simply by providing super engaging, and culturally appropriate content through affordable language localization, to your customers.

Statistics show the following:

80% of consumers opt for companies that give personalized messaging that are relevant.

55% of customers actively sign up for tailored communications.

Let’s learn the multiple ways to increase retention through localization.

How to Increase Retention Through Localization?

Do you know why customers quickly lose interest in your brand and move to another brand? The key reasons are:

They don’t product or service anymore.
Your product or service don’t satisfies their needs anymore.
They no more resonate with your brand message.

What to do then to retain the customers? Here are plenty of ways to do so:-

1- Communicate in their Language

The usage of the web keeps growing across the world and an extensive number of users live in places where English is not the native language.

Therefore, if you want to stand out in the global marketplace, you must know the huge importance of localization across every type of marketing channel.

To multiply retention, you have to understand that consumers will always prefer companies that communicate in their native language as well as regard their cultural influences.

2- Stay Sensitive to the Culture

If you wish to boost retention, you have to know that if you get every part of the local culture wrong, it can just work against you. For instance-

Kraft faced an embarrassing entrance into Russia when it promoted its products under the name Mondelez. Their research team failed to notice the resemblance of the word “Mondelez” to a famous Russian slang term that is offensive. This mistake caused a catastrophic drop in Kraft’s third-quarter sales.

Effective localization helps avoid such mistakes. It builds great respect and trust with your new consumers so that they will turn into retained ones.

3- Get Multilingual Customer Support

If you are tapping into the international marketplace, you might think of if you should focus on multilingual customer support.

The answer is a YES!

You will get more chances to retain your local customers if they have the ability to interact with your customer service individuals in the language they’re highly comfortable with.

Your consumers need to assure that their problems have been completely understood and they need to clearly comprehend what a service representative is expressing.

You must have the information about the future language of your customers that helps you target the right group of people.

4- Gather Customer Feedback

Give stress to the task that you must listen to your consumers so that you get a deep understanding of what they need.

For example:

McDonald’s didn’t bring the menu items like McAloo Tikki without doing rigorous research. McDonald’s researched the eating preferences of people in their local area and developed localized products that would become their first choice.

Knowing the customer’s choice gives you an idea of what the people in your locale like the most.

Keep in mind the significance of in-country research along with customer feedback.

5- Develop International Loyalty Programs

Do you want to know how to sell products internationally and boost retention?

By providing rewards that are relevant culturally. This becomes challenging for any multinational company to consider the diversity of cultural values.

It’s advisable to carry out your research and avoid providing rewards that become a cultural shock.

For instance,

Providing any in four quantity in a country like Singapore. The number four means death in several Asian cultures.

When promoting in India, think of providing a voucher along with the product purchase to the consumers that would appeal to more customers as well.

In Conclusion

After reading this meaningful information, you should now understand the significance of boosting customer retention. A perfectly localized marketing campaign allows you to reach out to your existing consumers and witness how localization helps increase your client retention rate.

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