What is Glocalization? [A Complete Guide]

Yes!! glocalization indeed sounds like a mashup word made up by marketers just like internationalization, globalization, and localization.

Glocalization has introduced a decade ago when companies took their first step toward tapping foreign markets for more exposure.

Companies have realized that adopting a local language is important to explore a new market. Hence, companies now use local languages to effectively translate their product information and websites.

However, businesses didn’t stop with just the adoption of the local language, they have gone beyond that. They focused on prominent localization.

They were in a dilemma of whether the consumers are truly getting global products? Is that enough for growing their sales? And this is where glocalization got introduced.

Understand Glocalization

Glocalization basically, speculates the amalgamation of global and local when it comes to tendencies, practices, and general strategies.

The need of understanding glocalization is unavoidable in many aspects of life including business document translation.

This is because glocalization shows that companies provide services and products on a global scale while focusing on customers’ preferences, cultures, and local peculiarities.

Successful Examples Of Glocalization

Many companies adopted glocalization and elite language localization as well to establish a business in the local markets of various companies. Here, you will learn about top successful examples of popular companies who have excepted glocalization to become part of a local market.

1. McDonald

McDonald’s has around 71 million customers around the world. For more reach, the company has customized its food options, branding, and dietary needs according to the target markets through glocalization.

McDonald’s restaurants in Israel sell kosher big macs without any cheese in them. The restaurants that are specially built for Indians mostly include lamb, chicken, and vegetarian dishes, solely to assist Hindus who avoid eating beef.

As the years passed, McDonald’s started recognizing how food is a major part of people’s culture. And with glocalization, they are making their brand and product appropriate for customers globally.

This shows that glocalization and professional localization helps in many ways.

2. Coca Cola

Coca-Cola, the world’s largest company is also using glocalization to reach consumers across the world.

They used different packaging and selling methods as per the target region of the country. Coca-Cola modified its product while giving value to its consumer’s culture, diets, and preferences.

3. Whirlpool

Whirlpool, which is again a famous company that markets as well as manufactures home appliances, put its hands on glocalization.

While trying to enter the Indian market, they specifically thought about the requirements of their customers in India when they build agitators in the washing machine to help Indian women clean their saris.

After working with local partners that understand the Indian culture, they redesigned the washing machine following popular localization trends to suit local culture and preferences.

Glocalization and Globalization: Are Those The Same?

While the process of both glocalization and globalization are identical and encourages worldwide communication, there are many important differences.

The emergence of globalization has made people think about following their local culture while enjoying all the benefits of today’s society which is into new innovations and constant development.

Glocalization adds value to delivering a specific product to local as well as the global target audience. So, this showcases how globalization and glocalization are connected with each other.

How To Glocalize Your Brand

So, how can you glocalize your brand? Here are some steps to follow.

1. Local Approach

Giving value to your local markets is the first step to success. Having someone who is a regional researcher, a local partner, or a team of people who works from the place you are targeting will ensure you will understand the culture of the market you want to reach. They will help you know the real reasons to localize your content.

If you want to represent your company in a global market but in a local way, you need to tailor your products and services as per their requirements.

2. Understand The Local Market

If you look around, you’ll find many popular brands that know how to adapt their offerings. As we have shared earlier, how well McDonald’s knows their local market. Along with going global, the brand is also adapting to the needs of the various market and together makes for a successful market entry.

3. Transcreation

So, what’s one of the best friends of glocalization? Transcreation mixes translation with creation to develop a term that showcases not just simple word-to-word translations, in spite of copy that is translated professionally for your target audience that is appropriate, coherent, and modify things such as the local idioms.

Companies need transcreation to completely glocalize products or services.

Increase brand awareness
Build connections with good business
Shows respect to the already existing customers.
Bring cultural sensitivity

Transcreation brings a lot of difference in gaining the attention of customers in the international markets and modifying brand messages according to new customers’ cultures.

Glocalization is most definitely something companies need to consider when planning to enter a new market. It is not possible to have size fits all approach, that won’t give you enough ROI.


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