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Essential Tips for Tourism Translation in Global Age

In a globalized world where countries are connecting to each other and travelers are spending tremendous amount to explore new culture, translation plays an important role in bridging communication gap plus letting tourism to reach potential clients. There are many ways for tourism agency to reach its customers from a website to brochure & leaflets […]
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Why Writers Availing Translation To Bring Out Their Books?

The problem that many book writers and authors face while dealing with multilingual readers is to bring out the sense of their book. There were several cases where wrong meaning got conveyed by readers of different language. This not only jeopardizes the creator branding but also hinders the career. Much literature is likely to lost […]
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Major Challenge Young Entrepreneur Face without Translation

Getting Global has become a lot easier these days. Anybody can go international with the help of internet and smart devices. But bridging communication gap with the native audiences who are in love with their lingo and prefer information in their native form is a difficult task to perform. Especially for a young enterprise looking […]
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Why Human Translation is Preferred For Effective Marketing?

The discussion on Human translator or Machine translator is a highly arguable topic enlightening several factors such as cost, accuracy, preferences, etc. If you think translation as a merely a process of changing text from one language to another then many people will prefer machine translation but if you add quality, correctness, credibility and several […]
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Project Management in Translation Industry

The main objective of Project Management in Translation Industry is to identify the translation requirements, managing staff resources, organize the project plan and implement and deliver the project within specific time frame. In other words project management can be described as an activity that has a unique blend of teamwork, coordination, control techniques and planning […]
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Translation Services For NGO And Survey Companies

Developing a community for Translation Services For NGO And Survey Companies, we ensure that the constituents of the proposed organizations understand the critical information provided to them. The ability to resolve some of the world’s colossal issues (such as education, hunger, nutrition and relief after natural disasters) often hinges on one flashpoint, i.e. “Access to […]
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