What is the Role of Birth Certificate Translation?

A birth certificate is an essential document that is issued by the country where the individual is born. It works as a great document that works as a verification of the details related to the individual. However, when providing the birth certificate in another country, make sure it is well-translated.

Every birth certificate holds important information about the individual’s, parents, place of birth, date, and time; and in some countries, it also describes the health of the child.

It is useful for various documentation purposes and different countries have strict set rules of making birth certificate available in local language.

While moving to another country for travel, living, study, or job purposes, a birth certificate is one of the legal documents that you are asked to submit.

So, if it is well translated, this makes it easy for the authorities to evaluate the certificate, and many who uses translation solutions sees ease out in the solutions.

When dealing with international processes, your half of struggle ends when you get your birth certificate translated.

Role of Birth Certificate Translation

Many purposes require birth certificates as proof.

This particular document holds great importance as it carries personal information about the individual.

This makes the concerned authority to evaluate it in a better way.

Birth certificate translation is considered a highly used translation and given below are the reasons why birth certificate translation plays a big role:

1- While Traveling Abroad

Many people plan to travel abroad.

For this, they are asked to provide certain documents in which birth document submission is highly important.

If the birth certificates are not in the language as per your target country, this may obstructs the process.

Translating the birth certificate is important to make it easy to understand and also make it original.

Your translated birth certificate can make it easy for you to apply for a passport.

2- Several Administrative Purposes

If before have you ever used translation, there must be reasons to make things simply available in a new language.

The translation of your birth certificate is important for a multitude of reasons.

There are several administrative needs where the personal documents are asked to be submitted and translating them is important.

The majority of administrative work requires birth certificates and to ensure the process goes smoothly, it is necessary to get the certificate translated.

3- Describing Your Age Clearly

Birth certificates can be used for various purposes and one of the purposes is for describing the age clearly.

There are no other documents that can officially tell about your age and while getting certain administrative work or applying for a job/study.

In this, birth certificates help to evaluate your age.

Seeking birth certificate translation makes it legally proven and identified by the government of the country.

4- Social Security Benefits

One of the common reasons to get excellent birth certificate translation solutions is to avail the benefits provided by the government.

Some countries provide Social Security benefits which includes payments made to qualified retired adults and also to people with disabilities.

Some of them also cover benefits for the entire family.

Just like this, there are several programs that government runs to provide benefits to the individual and their family.

If you are living in a new country and want to avail certain benefits, then getting a birth certificate translation is important.

5- Admission To Educational Institute

Many students move to abroad for seeking higher education.

Seeking education from a new country is amazing but the process of providing the related documents is a stressful job.

In this, you have to provide several documents, and birth documents are important.

You cannot provide the birth certificate if it is not translated.

The difference in the language will make it difficult to understand the birth certificate.

It is vital for the document translated into the target language accurately so that it can be interpreted in the best way.

6- Driver’s License Application

Very few people are aware of the fact but when you are applying for a driving license in another country, there is a need to provide a birth certificate.

The objective why need a translation solution for birth certificates is to make them available as an identification document.

Your birth certificate holds all the information that can describe your details.

So, making it translated can help you to get the international driving permit after the easy verification process.

7- Describe Your Relation With Your Parents

In every country, a birth certificate is a legal document that certifies an individual’s birth details to his parents.

So, in any case where there is a need to provide the names of the parents, it can work as a digital card that verifies the claim of them being your parents.

This is important for various purposes such as opening bank accounts or availing other benefits from government schemes.

8- Marriage License Application

In many cases, certain countries ask for proof of marriage when moving to a new country.

If you cannot prove that you are married, it becomes difficult for entering a country as you’ll be questioned and this may end up as a legal process.

The birth certificate translation is important for getting a marriage license application too.

In this, it is important to go for proficient certificate translation solutions in Mumbai for translating certificate accurately.


There are many areas where you are asked to provide a birth certificate when you are moving to another country.

To make things easy, it is important to get the birth certificate translated per the target language.

Seeking professional translation makes it easy to evaluate your birth certificate and make sure no errors come up.

Getting with a professional agency is important as accuracy is critical in birth certificate translation. If you want accurate and fast birth certificate translation, contact us att +91-8527599523 or quickly send us a instant quote.

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