What is Unique About German Culture And German Traditions?

Germany is a country known for its great poets and thinkers. From the people, language, culture, and traditions, everything makes the German so unique. This is possibly due to its key role in the history of Europe which has been influenced and shaped throughout the time a lot.

The English speakers may call it Germany but Germans call themselves Deutschland.

Germany is home to 82.2 million people and several minorities of other nationalities also live here.

They also bring great values and this helps to enhance the German culture and bring in new customs.

German culture holds an important part of The Holy Roman Empire which was later known as the most stable economy in the world.

Since then, there are various facts about German culture and through time some traits have been lost and some are still there.

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About German Culture And German Traditions

Germany is undoubtedly considered one of the most influential countries in the European Union.

Besides this, it is always known for the Germans who love their beer, work hard, and do things with great precision.

There is a lot to the German culture and traditions that attract people’s attention worldwide.

Here are mentioned points describing the new things about German culture and traditions:

1- Similarity Between German And English

While being the language of Europe, people always thinks German is completely different from English. That is not true.

There are several similarities between these two languages such as the presence of German vowels that have the same sound as their English counterparts.

So, whenever there is a need to outsource German translation solutions, this won’t be a difficult task for translators.

2- Using Celsius Instead of Fahrenheit

Very few people are aware of this but Germans use the metric system for everything and they use Celsius instead of Fahrenheit for measuring temperature.

The Celsius is a scale and unit of measurement for temperature that was invented by Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius.

3- Source To Various International Words

Though the English language is more popular than the German language it has words with German origins.

These are known as loanwords and some of the words are hamster, kaput, bratwurst, cringle, and wanderlust.

Among them, lots of words entered the English language during wartime.

Several prominent language translators who have great experience know better about the words and their source of origin.

4- Role Of Presents In German Culture

There are various cultures where giving gifts is considered a great norm, but that’s not the case in Germans.

If you are providing gifts during your business meeting, this will not make things work in your favor.

The exchange of gifts happens only on occasions such as birthdays and Christmas.

5- Talking About German Art

German art is unique and it is characterized by its realism and naturalism.

They always make use of light and shadow to create depth.

The Italian Renaissance and the Dutch Baroque style are heavily influenced by German artists.

6- Follow Recycling

Germany as one of the world’s leaders are also holding the first position in recycling.

There are many contributing factors to that and the country has led to major garbage sorting rules in households.

For those who are thinking about great global business expansion to the German market, considering recycling and garbage maintenance is important.

7- German Cuisine

When we generally talk about German food culture, people always remember sausages, pretzels, and beer.

Germans love sausages and there are over 1,500 types of sausages that you’ll get in German market.

Talking about the beer, there are over 7,000 different brands and flavors and you’ll not lack a good brand that matches your taste.

8- Traditional German Festivals

German traditional festival, The Octoberfest in Munich is famous throughout the world.

It is a 15-day celebration of German that attracts six million people.

It is a time of the year when a lot of Bavarian beer is consumed and traditional food is eaten.

9- Rise Of German Literature

Germany is the market base has a large readership base.

German publishers generally publish 94 thousand books every year but German people also love to read books from international authors too.

For this, several authors excellent translation solutions in Pune to make the book available to the German market.

According to a recent survey, 44.5% of German people love reading a book once a week.

This provides a great scope for other authors to make use of translation solutions and get into the market.

10- Symbolism Importance in Germany

German cultures have changed a lot and there has been an introduction of symbolism in the German language.

For example, the eagle symbol has been associated with the symbols of the Holy Roman Empire.

It was later used by two separate states in the year 1886 after the victory of Prussia over Austria.

Additionally, popular people such as Martin Luther, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, and Johann Gottfried von Herder are also very important symbols in German culture.

Not only this, but the color of red, gold, and black flag are also great symbols.


Germany is counted as one of the most influential regions present in the European Union.

It is the largest economy in Europe and provides a great audience base for the business considering expanding its operations.

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