Top 10 Interesting Facts About the Arabic Language

In this new era, where businesses are thinking about expanding to new markets, knowing about new languages has become important. When businesses are focused on the aspects of translation, there is also a need to increase awareness and know more about the language and interesting facts related to it.

Several businesses are interested in growing solutions in Arab and for this, they go for Arabic language translation solutions.

The Arabic language is different and its beauty is celebrated by all.

If you’re thinking about choosing the Arabic language for the solutions there is a need to know the history related to it.

Businesses that go for true English to Arabic translation solutions must ensure the translators they are dealing with have knowledge of the language.

The Arabic language includes more than several fun and interesting facts that make it easy for getting a reliable translation.

Let’s see and know more about the Arabic language.

10 Interesting Facts About the Arabic Language

There are several languages being spoken and each has its own attractiveness.

Similarly, the Arabic language is an interesting language but knowing it brings a set of challenges.

However, here are some points that help you to know more about the Arabic language.

1- Arabic is from an Afroasiatic family

By following the family tree of languages, Arabic belongs to the Afroasiatic family.

Also, Arabic is widely spread across the Middle East and when businesses get Arabic translation they are able to serve a large audience.

2- Arabic Alphabet Are Not An Alphabet

One of the major things that make Arabic unique is about knowing its writing system which doesn’t follow the alphabet, but an abjad.

An abjad is a system in which each letter stands for a consonant and not a vowel.

This makes the language provide the vowels using vowel marks.

3- Two Different Forms of Arabic

There are two different forms of the Arabic language, Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Classical Arabic.

When you seek solutions from expert translation solutions, they highly understand both forms and provide accurate translation as required.

MSA is used in general while the other form of Arabic is Classical Arabic is in the Quran.

4- Part of the Central Semitic Language Family

Many people don’t know but the Central Semitic language family includes Hebrew, Aramaic, and Phoenician languages.

As per experts, Arabic is also believed to have evolved from Aramaic languages that come from the tribes in the deserts of the Arabian peninsula.

5- Top Six Languages Of The United Nations

The United Nations has major six official languages and the Arabic language is one of them.

So, if in the UN you want to seek Arabic medical translation for your solutions, you won’t find it difficult to get the language professionals.

Also, the Arabic language has its own day of celebration in the UN which is on the 18th of December each year.

6- Arabic Is Rich In Dialects

A dialect is a form of language that is a lexical, syntactic, and phonetic system.

Arabs speak dialect in a more restricted environment.

The dialect did not acquire its cultural or social status to speak.

7- Fifth Most Spoken Language In The World

Arabic is one of the most widespread languages in the world, despite being more spoken in the Arab World.

In terms of business that are seeking for operating in Arabic can go for trustworthy Arabic legal translation to operate solutions smoothly.

8- Written From Right To Left

Arabic and a few other Semitic languages are written from right to left.

It is considered it would have been easier for people to hold a chisel with their left hand and a hammer with their right hand while they were craving Arabic on the stones.

9- Geometric Language

Geometry means balance in Arabic culture and the reflection of the geometric figures in the Arabic language is there that makes the language more fascinating.

10- Spoken In 26 Countries

The Arabic language is a popular language that has got more than 300 million speakers globally.

Also, this language is the official language of around 26 countries.

This helps a lot for the technical business to choose proficient Arabic technical translation solutions and grow the solutions.


With the growing interest in businesses in the Arabic language, there is a need to have familiarity with Arab culture.

By using translation, businesses are getting expanded access to various industries and helping several businesses in different niches.

Using accurate translation provides better interaction with native Arabic speakers and ensures smooth business operations.

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