Top 10 Interesting Facts About the Chinese Language

Chinese is the highly used language by businesses as they are focused on growing among Chinese audiences. It’s also one of the hardest languages and different language speakers often find it hard to understand and learn and understand.

With millions of people around the world speaking Chinese, it becomes essential for a business to operate in the Chinese language too.

Chinese presents a major opportunity for business growth and before using translation solutions there is a need to know about the language and some facts related to it.

The Chinese language is the hardest language and there are several challenges in Chinese translation that often comes up.

With a different writing system, professional’s translators know well how to work on it by remembering language dialects and cultural aspects.

Let’s see and know what makes Chinese an interesting language.

10 Interesting Facts About the Chinese Language

There are several people considering learning Chinese and perhaps one of the other dialects such as Cantonese may surprise you.

Given below are some interesting facts about the Chinese language that you should definitely know:

1- Widely Spoken Language

There are more than 800 million native Chinese speakers around the world and businesses that want to serve this huge audience often go for expert Chinese website translation.

With professional translators, it becomes easy to serve the audience in their own language.

2- More Than 3,000 Years Old Language

According to the experts, Chinese characters have been found to date back to the characters carved into animal bones and turtle shells.

They were used for divination and the pattern of the cracks help to indicate the answer.

Different written characters in Chinese especially handwritten characters often create confusion while understanding the meaning.

3- Mandarin Chinese Does Not Have Alphabet

We all know the English language has 26 letters alphabets but there is no such thing as the Chinese alphabet.

The Chinese language only has characters and these characters are joined to make up different words.  

This is very interesting and very few know about the Chinese language doesn’t have an alphabet.

4- Two Different Kinds Of Characters

In the Chinese language, there are two characters.

One is traditional that have more strokes, and takes more time to write are used among communities in Taiwan.

Meanwhile, nowadays China uses simplified characters.

5- Four Different Tones

Yes, it’s true that the Chinese language has four different tones and this is the most difficult aspect of learning Mandarin Chinese.

Different tones come with a given word or syllable and it needs to be used properly.

6- Have 50,000 characters

The Chinese language has approximately 50,000 characters.

However, modern dictionaries only list up to 20,000 characters that people use in daily life.

In this, every translation company has an expert translator that is fluent and well-educated native Chinese that have knowledge about the majority of Chinese words.

7- Different Tones Change The Meaning

There are few languages where the word’s meaning gets changed with meaning.

This is likely one of the most well-known facts about the Chinese language and there is a need to be very careful with the tone while communicating.

The Chinese language also has several similar sounder words.

Many people have not been exposed to these similar sounds and it is often impossible for other speakers to pick out the differences.

8- Listed As the Official UN language in 1946.

UN has generally listed six official languages and the Chinese language is one of them.

However, the Chinese language was only used as a working language in 1973 for the General Assembly and in 1974 for the UN Security Council.

Therefore, it is seen huge demand for correct English to Chinese translation solutions for the convenience of the audience.

9- More People Learning Chinese Around The World

There are 1.3 billion native Chinese speakers in the world.

However, many people are showing interest in learning Chinese language.

This has highly benefited the businesses that are using Chinese translation for communication.

10- Chinese Grammar Is Simple

Everyone knows that Chinese is a difficult language to learn but its grammar is quite basic.

As many native speakers will tell you grammar isn’t all that important in Chinese so it doesn’t seem hard to remember rules.


Multiple factors make Chinese one of the hardest languages because of its different writing system.

Businesses that want to succeed in the Chinese market seek translation from professionals.

Seeking professional’s help in the great Chinese marketing strategies that come with vast benefits.

Chinese can only be translated well when the native translator is handling the project.

If you are in search of an accurate Chinese translation, contact us at +91-8527599523 or grab an instant quote.

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