Top 10 Interesting Facts About the Dutch Language

Everyone knows about the Dutch language and it is one of the highly interesting languages. Many people who are fascinated by the Netherlands and its famous tulips and art, cannot ignore the Dutch language. Diving into the Dutch language helps to know and explore about its history.

There are around 22 million Dutch speakers who are native speakers.

Though, Dutch is mostly spoken in the Netherlands and Belgium but is also attain official status in Dutch Antilles and Suriname as well.

The Dutch language has seen lingual diversity that is often shown up in its phrases and abstract pronunciations.

Dutch people do speak English but while doing business in the Netherlands, the Dutch language has its own importance.

This is the main reason why do you need translation is to make the solutions relevant to the Dutch market and there is a need to seek professional translation.

Let’s see and know more about Dutch language and its aspects.

10 Interesting Facts About the Dutch Language

Dutch language will definitely put you on a different pedestal and very few people know much about it.

The professional translators who are in this niche have a better understanding of the language here are the top 10 interesting facts about the Dutch language:

1- Old Language

The Dutch language verse was written in the period when any information, stories, and other things were usually communicated orally.

So, the 5th-century people spoke to each other in the earliest forms of Dutch.

2- Dutch Gained English Words

One of the few facts about translation is that Dutch words made it into English when the Dutch colons settled in the American colonies around the 17th century.

Most common Dutch loanwords include brandy, coleslaw, cookie, cruise apartheid, bamboo, bazooka, blink, bluff, drill, gherkin, gin, and iceberg.

3- Official Dutch Spelling Guide

With the evolution of language, the Dutch language was written in 1804.

Earlier people used to speak the Dutch language and later on, the Dutch spelling guide came down with the rules.

Later it was rewritten a number of times in the year 1947 and 1996.

4- Incorporated Various Foreign Words

The Dutch language has 75% of words borrowed and the majority of them originate from the French language.

When it is about getting accurate English to Dutch translation solutions, it might become difficult to know about the words’ sources.

5- Slang Comes From Hebrew

Many people don’t know this but the Dutch language slang comes from Hebrew words from the Jewish population living in the Netherlands.

This is possible because the majority of Dutch Jews lived in Amsterdam in 1940.

6- Words With Rare and Weird Sounds

There are some Dutch language words and they are actually quite rare.

The unique is the Dutch language sound that make is with the “g” is written as ch, and on the other side hard “g” is written as g.

7- Some Dutch Words Are Untranslatable

One of the unknown translation realities about the Dutch language is that few words are untranslatable.

You may hear some words, but unfortunately, you’ll not be able to get these words as they are untranslatable.

But professional translators can effectively tell you the meaning based on the context.

8- Long Compound Words

The Dutch language is known for the long compound word has one of the known words “Kindercarnavalsoptochtvoorbereidingswerkzaamhedenplan,” which means “preparation activities plan for a children’s carnival”.

9- Difference Between Dutch and Deutsch

Until the 17th Century, the Dutch language referred to all Germanic-speaking areas on the continent but people confuse it with the Deutsch term.

The high-grade translation company on the other hand knows the difference between the word Deutsch as it is the German word for the German language.

10- Third Most Widely-Spoken Germanic Language

After English and German, the Dutch language is the thirst most widely spoken language.

With this, in terms of grammar and pronunciation, the Dutch language lies between English and German.

This makes the Dutch language to belong to the same family as English.


Dutch literature is one of the interesting languages that have so many things to explore.

It will introduce you to a new world but getting solutions available in the Dutch language is quite difficult.  

When you are finding it hard to communicate in the Dutch market, this is the aim why is translation important for you to have a new and better approach towards the market.

There are several Dutch translators, but it is always advised to work with native-language translators who have in-depth knowledge of the language. If you are looking for top-notch and affordable Dutch language translation solutions, contact us at +91-8527599523 or quickly send us a instant quote.

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