Why is Translation So Important Today? [Facts & Figures]

Do you want to make your products known to broad audience worldwide? Language can be a barrier between you and your potential customers. Worry not, translation can help you with your goal. All the industries can get benefit from translation, regardless of their size.

In today’s interconnected world with around 7000 spoken languages, effective translation is an asset. It does not matter which industry you are in, whether it is e-commerce or finance, considering the language of your customers is a priority. This is the reason why translation is so important.

To give you more information about it, we are going to take you through the importance of translation in various industries.

So, let’s go through it.

Top 10 Industries Where Translation Is Important

1. Finance and Banking

The finance and banking sector is the top industries that get advantage from translation in its attempt to reach global domination. In this field, international success needs banks and other financial institutions to fit in with the local markets all across the world. To get this goal, they have to localize all their content, marketing and offers to the target markets. As the finance industry expands, the demand for translation grows as well. Companies need successful types of translation to communicate with international clients.

Banks and other financial institutions depend on translators for optimized content to attract new customers from different foreign countries.

2. Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals & Medical

Much like manufacturing, the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and medical industry are global, and the translation is needed for everything, from dosage instructions on medicine to patient notes. Translation assists the medical industry tick over worldwide.

The translation is becoming massively in demand in countries, like the UK, where a specific portion of the population does not speak the native language of that country. To do this kind of task, one needs a highly trained and experienced person who can clearly communicate between the patient and the doctor, as someone’s life could be at risk. Now you might know about the incredible importance of medical translation.

3. Art and Entertainment

The art and entertainment industry depends on a handful of large brands that offer their products globally. The importance of translation in this industry can be justified in multiple ways. Now, you might know why translation is needed as it is an area which needs a deep understanding of performance, history, cultural insights, and how all these fit together with languages.

The global trend that generates about $100 billion in annual revenue would not be possible without translation.

4. Retail, Consumer & Ecommerce

With multiple websites trying to see products, ensuring you stand out in an oversaturated market is the major aspect of success for many businesses. However, if your site is only available in one language you could be majorly hampering your business’s growth potential. The first step for securing your global online presence is to translate and localize your site to accommodate your target market.

A study in 2014 showed that 75% of people prefer to buy products in their native language and 60% would rarely buy products from websites that are in a specific language.

The standard types of document translation can assist e-commerce businesses to deliver a better quality service for customers when utilizing their websites, as they can conveniently navigate everything in their native language.

5. Education & Training

Learning is becoming more internationally accessible, whether it is the workplace as well as the classroom. As many companies have offices based all across the world it can be complicated to train staff if they are based in various countries. In this instance, you need translated guidelines and policies to ensure all staff is efficiently trained and informed.

Plus, in response to the ever-growing international academic community, many universities and colleges as well are using translation to make sure their ethos and message can be understood by students all across the world.

6. Tech Industry

The tech industry has analyzed a massive growth in the past few years, with a global market that is expected to touch $5 trillion in 2021.

About 70% of the revenue comes from outside the U.S., so organizations interact with many markets in different languages.

Therefore, there are many companies that are outsourcing translation requirements. In this industry, translation serves a double purpose. They assist organizations to reach new audiences and deliver access to new technologies to a wide range of people. As the digitized global economy continues to expand, more tech startups will have to consider translation to get attention.

7. Legal

This sector needs translation more necessarily. Legal clients all around the globe rely on legal translation for ongoing court cases, witness statements, contract translations, video interviews, and so on. Translation can also assist with certified translations, legalization, and notarization. Certified translation is accompanied by a certificate that proves the accuracy of the translation and that the linguist is qualified to carry out the work.

8. Manufacturing

While some manufacturers are considering bringing their offshore products back to their home, a specific proportion of manufacturing organizations still make use of outsourcing to other manufacturers overseas. Consequently, translation is important to assist these two parties to communicate clearly, whether you are delivering instruction manuals or technical drawings.

9. Travel and Tourism

Translation in tourism has become a necessity in the industry, as more people are now traveling abroad. Countries that want to attract international visitors require advocacy in many languages to get attention.

Moreover, countries require fabulous translation to convince international travelers to come back in the future.

Officials, as well as travel and tourism companies, are always searching for innovative ideas to make people remember their stay for all the right purposes. Furthermore, you can also use a worthwhile translation service for videos. Translation services permit tourism organizations to deliver services in various languages. Businesses operating in this industry require to translate leaflets, travel documents, brochures, as well as legal documents and contracts in different languages to deliver an exceptional experience to their foreign customers.

10. Market Research

Market research is a sector that has been expanding massively in the last few years. This has partly been in response to more businesses learning the value of genuinely understanding consumer needs, but as communicating all across the world becomes convenient businesses are searching to expand into overseas markets. However, to do so efficiently companies had to be able to speak their target consumer’s language and respect their cultural norms. In these instances, whether you are running a focus group or sending a survey, it is important that market research companies have access to a translation like local blog translation.

With ever-increasing advances in technology, the translation has been able to opt quickly to the needs of quantitative and qualitative market researches.


In the global marketplace translation has always been essential when it comes to connecting individuals and businesses from a widely diverse range of linguistic backgrounds.

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