Top 10 Interesting Facts About the German Language

The German market has so much to offer and there is a fierce need that has made the people to get to know more about the German language. Businesses are seeking employees who speak the German language and the German language is known as the right resource for getting big success in the market.

When you are using the German language to get more exposure, it actually helps you to gain better business opportunities. German is a good choice but there is a need to get with the experts who know well about how to provide translation to the required language.

The German language consists of about 5.3 million words which means, translating into the German language is a big thing.

Especially if you want accurate German to English translation solutions, getting with experts is best who are well aware of the source and target language.

Let’s know more facts about the German language.

10 Interesting Facts About the German Language

The German language has a long history and it has fun intricacies and beautiful words. If you are interested in using this language, here are some interesting facts about the German language:

1- Familiarity with English

The German language holds great similarities with the English language. It is known English has heavily borrowed from the French language but German is more similar to the English language.

This is one common translation realities that makes it easy for translators to translate.

2- German Is the Common Native Language in the European Union

German languages have more than 100 million native speakers and it is the most common native language spoken in the EU. It’s not surprising that it’s the only official language in three countries such as Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein.

3- Dialects Are Highly Different

We all know that languages have dialects but the German dialects are quite different from standard German.

When it is to about German document translation, there is a need to know about the dialect into which you want to translate into.

4- German is a West Germanic Language

When you are talking about or studying the German language, the typical or standard version of German is called the West Germanic language.

The language taught in the schools originated as a Germanic language from the Scandinavian region to what used in Germany today.

5- Easy to Fall to False Cognates

German is easy but sometimes in social situations if you accidentally stumble into a false cognate it would be an awkward situation.

One of the major facts about translation is to recognize the false cognate when a word exists in both languages with the same spelling but with very different meanings.

6- German Words Don’t Get Direct Translations

Translating into German would give you a headache if you try to find them in any foreign language learning books.

There’s simply no translation for them and translators have to work to highlight a specific feeling that translates things.

7- German Language Has A Unique Letter

The German alphabet “ss” is represented with an extra consonant, ß, called “Eszett”. ß is unique among German consonants but it is not always interchangeable with the SS.

When translators deliver exceptional German translations, they should use this constant.

8- Speakers Have Trouble In Understanding

This happens sometimes when German speakers fail to have understood one another speaking German. For many German speakers, the dialect that’s most difficult to understand becomes the problem and during translation and therefore, dialects are highly considered.

9- German Language Has Three Genders

In many languages, the nouns are either masculine or feminine, which is the cause of difficulty in learning the new language. German is even more complicated as it has a third gender known as neuter for words that are neither masculine nor feminine.

This is something new and needs to be highly considered.

10- Challenging Pronunciations

The German language is challenging for the non-speakers from the beginning with all the grammar, syntax, and vocabulary to cover. But getting with a reliable translation company ensures to provide the translators who have knowledge about the pronunciation and provides the best translation.

Businesses are thinking about potentially integrating into the workforce and there is a need to be accurate while using the language.


The German language is interesting and several businesses are using it to expand to German-speaking areas. There’s a lot more to this amazing language but there is a need to get with translators who understand its rich history and provide the best translation.

Professional translators have German fluency and know to deliver fast translation. To work with professional translators, contact us at +91-8527599523 or grab an instant quote.

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