Top 10 Interesting Facts About the Tamil Language

When it is about counting the oldest languages, Tamil language is often considered. Tamil languages have an extensive history on how well it describes the Tamil culture and living traditions. Being the oldest language spoken in India, it is strongly linked to a huge population speaking the Tamil language across the world.

The Tamil speaking people account for more than 20% of the population in India.

This makes it one of the largest linguistic groups in the country.

Not only in India, Tamil is the official language of Sri Lanka and has nearly 75% of the population speaking Tamil.

When it is about establishing great connections with Tamil audience, fruitful translation solutions is highly needed.

Only native translators who have a deep understanding of Tamil language assure to deliver the correct translation when required.

Let’s see and know more about the Tamil language and its facts.

10 Interesting Facts About the Tamil Language

The Tamil language has a great rich history that comes around thousands of years.

This ancient language gives a deeper understanding of Indian culture and its roots.

It is member of the Dravidian family of languages and shares features with other major Indian languages too.

Mentioned below are the top 10 interesting facts about the Tamil language that you should know:

1- Declared Classical Language by UNESCO

In the year 2004, the Union Cabinet created a category known as classical languages.

 They follow certain criteria based on antiquity, varied ancient text, and original literary tradition.

So, it is easy to get reliable Tamil document translation available as it is a well-known language.

2- Worshipped As A God

According to Hindu experts, Tamil is the personification of Tamil Thāi that is created by Lord Shiva.

For Tamil, Murugan is considered its god, and sage Agastya is also given importance.

In Tamil Nadu, there is a temple for ‘Tamil Thai’ (‘Thai’ means mother) to pray to the language mother.

3- Oldest Living Language

The common fact about the Tamil language is that it is the oldest language.

The Tamil language was born before 500 BC, as Tamil-Brahmin inscriptions from 500 BC.

So, whenever there is a need for accurate Tamil website translation, it is best to seek professional solutions who have a deep understanding of the language.

4- Official Language of Three Countries

Not only in India, but Tamil is also the official language of other two countries: Sri Lanka, and Singapore.

In India, Tamil Nadu has Tamil as its official language.

In Malaysia, 500+ primary education government schools are available fully in Tamil medium and it is one of the languages of education in Malaysia.

5- First Indian Language To Be Published

Very few people are aware of this but in 1578, Portuguese Christian missionaries published a prayer book in Tamil language.

Even today several things are published and the reason why is translation important is to have better understanding of important things published in Tamil language.

6- Letters Have Standalone Meanings

As the Tamil language has letters and 25% of them have a standalone meaning.

The fact of standalone letters is those that are derived from bird or animal sounds.

This reveals a lot about the lineage with nature and the ecosystem.

7- First Known Language To Humans

According to well-known researcher Alex, Tamil was the first known language to humans.

Tamil appeared approximately 200000+ Years Ago and earlier, humans in southern parts of India such as Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana were counted under Tamil speaking people.

8- Tamil is Pronounced as “Tha-mizh”

There is great the beauty of the Tamil language and “tha-mizh” make people happy and proud of Tamil as the language they know and speak.

9- Sacred Language

It is used as a sacred language and one of the aim why do you need translation is to be able to read the sacred texts.

Its grammar has continuously renewed from the middle and new eras and people are highly interested to read the sacred scriptures written in Tamil language.

10- Language With Independent Origin

There is always a debate about whether Sanskrit is older or Tamil is but, surely, Tamil is an independent language.

According to language experts, the Tamil language has an independent origin and a huge collection of ancient literature/texts.


The Tamil language has an extensive history and it is known as a cultural heritage in itself.

Tamil hold history and several people are seeking effective low translation rates solutions to translate the Tamil language and get to know more about the history written in the Tamil language.

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