Multilingual SEO vs International SEO: Everything You Need to Know

Reaching a wide audience is only possible when you make the solutions customized according to the required market. If you want to make people choose your solution, there is a great need to speak the same language as per the market. But which solution suits best Multilingual SEO vs International SEO?

When the business is focusing on targeting audiences of a particular country this can be easily overcome with international SEO and multilingual SEO.

They both are the keys but there is a need to choose the right one.

Each holds its importance and you must know the difference.

When implementing multilingual or international SEO solutions, there are a lot of SEO components to consider.

But you don’t have to worry as top multilingual SEO practices provided by the experts will help you to get the bring in best results.

Let’s read more to know about how multilingual and international SEO is different.

Multilingual SEO And International SEO

By going with their names, you might think that international SEO and multilingual SEO are the same but that is not.

They share similarities but read about them individually to know better.

What is Multilingual SEO?

Multilingual SEO provides the process of optimizing your website content in multiple languages.

This is highly important for businesses that are based upon functioning in a multilingual country or serving solutions at the global level.

When you go with the standard multilingual marketing strategy you can optimize the content in the best way.

In this, marketers make use of transcreation to increase their chances of ranking for the relevant keyword or offer.

The transcreation process involves creating content in the target language that helps to attract the desired audience.

Also while searching relevant keywords, the proper translation is done to localize the content.

To get the right results, professionals help linguistic and digital marketing expertise that works to bridge the gap between translated content and original content.

What is International SEO?

International SEO is always multinational but may not be multilingual.

But what does that mean? You first need to know what is multilingual SEO for business growth and how it serves.

Multilingual SEO serves several markets but international SEO so more about focusing on the market and how things are being spoken.

For eg, there are nuanced differences between British English and American English and in this international SEO becomes necessary.

So, if one market says “pants”, then the other market may call it “trousers”.

So, in international SEO, the targeted keywords are used to make the solutions highly relatable.

International SEO allows one to fully tap into a foreign market and cater to the subtle differences of the audience.

It makes it possible to optimize websites for various search engines and regions.

Tips for Improving Multilingual SEO and International SEO

When you want to ensure global business expansion, and working on the solutions may be a little complicated.

However, given are some tips that help to implement the solutions in the best way:

1- Perform Keyword Research

You need to remember, for different markets, keyword research is needed.

Better keyword research help to grow in a certain region and also helps in adapting the required content strategy.

Even if your content is valuable as per multilingual/international audience, the keywords you’re using may not be.

An SEO professional will help you with your keyword strategy that will serve your solutions in the best way.

2- Develop a Custom Content Strategy

When you are done with the keyword research, there is a need to get quality content-writing solutions to work on a content-creating strategy.

This also involves using translation for making the content available as per target audiences.

The translation helps the content to remain the same but helps to refresh it for the language or area to make it fit better.

3- Right URL Structure

Search engines are flexible on how you structure the URLs of your multilingual site.

But in some situations, Google does not recommend using URLs which makes it harder for users to recognize geotargeting from the URL.

Poor URL doesn’t let you use the geotargeting functionality in Google Search Console which doesn’t help you to serve well.


When you are setting up a business website, always aims to make it a multilingual and/or international website.

There are a lot of things to consider and getting with the professionals is worth it.

The experts improve your multilingual SEO and keep inviting more visitors of requires market.

Best multilingual and international SEO is possible when professionals work on it.

To work with skilled SEO experts, contact us at +91-8527599523 or grab an instant quote.

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