6 Rocking Google Products that are Highly Used All over the World

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Google and Google products are something that reaches millions of users all over the world daily. Every day a number of internet users use the Google products for fulfilling one or more of their needs.

Thus, no doubt Google has established a ‘never fading’ image in the eyes of its users. There are 6 most used Google products that are highly popular among the masses:

1. Google Search

Google search answers the queries of billions of people every day. It is used both in mobile and on desktop. Everything you need to search or find about, you will get it on Google search.

2. Play Store

It is the latest Google product that serves as the marketplace for apps, books, movies, games and much more. This product is preinstalled in some of the smartphones.

3. Google Maps

With over 1 billion users, this is a mapping solution for many. It makes it easy for the user to search for routes. Find his location and get the desired routes to which the user wants to travel.

4. Android

Android heavily dominates the smartphone OS market. It has a number of apps and other content like games, movies etc. the android smartphones off Google are sold under Nexus brand.

5. Chrome

This is the Google’s browser. It is a highly popular browser with 45% market share. It can be accessed o0n both desktop and mobile phone.

6. YouTube

It can also be accessed on both desktop and mobile. However, more views are gained from mobile. Number of views on different videos etc. get generated on YouTube.

You might be also using some of these Google products for sure. If not, then you must use them, as they are very beneficial for age group individual.

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