After WhatsApp, Its Viber to Encrypt Messages and Calls

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Viber is working in the direction to provide encryption for messages and calls, just like WhatsApp. It is said that though encryption, the messages and calls of the users will be protected and would be safer. The private conversation, will thus, be saved.

According to reports, the company had been working hard to make the privation communications easier, through encryption.

This will help the users to use the app without any fear of losing any kind of private information.

Michael Shmilov said that this would be finally introduced on a global scale by the next two weeks. To confirm that the user is secured, he or she would be able to see a grey padlock.

Further, hidden chats have been introduced on this app. Thus, the users could hide some of their private chats.

Manual contacts authentication is also available, in which the lock color would change to green. If the color changes to red, it indicates that there is some problem. Generally, this would mean that you have changed your primary phone.

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