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It is estimated that the Facebook messenger may soon offer a secret chat option to its users. It might also offer certain new features like in-store payment for services and goods.

The company, however, has not made any announcement regarding this. Also, no move has been taken in this direction.

It was reported by the Next Web tech portal that Facebook is making huge efforts to become a retail hub.

In the month of January, Mark Zuckerberg said he would surely want a part in establishing as a payments processor and the basic strategy for messenger might be more transactional. However, in no move has been taken by the company till now. Thus, launching such features in the messenger is not yet confirmed right now. It is just estimation.

As per the reports, the app would be featuring a secret conversation option. However, it is not clear that it would be a way to hide chats or just a reference to encrypted chats.

There was no comment by Facebook over this.

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