Twitter App Embarks a New Initiative for Visually Impaired Users

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Twitter app now embarks on a new initiative for visually impaired users. This implies that accessing and understanding images would be easier for those who suffer from visual impairments.

Whenever an image would be posted on the site, the users will have the option to add description for the image. The android and iOS users can provide a description of almost 420 characters.

This description would be accessed and read by the visually impaired users, just like any other text via assistive technology.

According to the last year reports, it was found that it is due to the tweets with photos that attract huge engagement on twitter. The visually impaired users had to use the third-party workarounds for alternative text.

But, with this feature in the app, twitter has certainly given a lovely surprise to its visually impaired users.

According to Venture Beat, this feature will help the search engines find specific tweets. Further, it would be useful through API partners and within Twitter’s own search field.

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