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In the near future, you could make transactions through Twitter. This is because of the partnership that was announced between the company and another company ‘Lookup’. 

So, users will be able to make appointments and transactions easily. Lookup provides a direct messaging platform to the customers and retailers. So, they can easily chat with each other

Almost 1.2 million users are registered in it. Users will be allowed to send a message to @lookuplite for making transactions, inquiring for services.

At present the buy button is greatly helping the users, as it helps the users to buy anything directly within the network. Now, with option, people will be able to make payment and orders.

According to reports, it is said that Twitter’s monitoring capabilities and API will be used, in order to connect merchant and the customer.

It is also said that the users will not be connected through phone numbers; rather Google Maps will be used. Google Maps will provide info about the retailers in the particular area.

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