YouTube to Launch 2 Subscription Services Before 2015 Ends

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Before the end of 2015, YouTube would launch two subscription services- one is Music Key and the second is still unnamed and would target the content creators of YouTube.

The video-sharing site would be a mix of premium videos and ad-supported content.

Most of the companies go for content moderation for their existing content. With a Paywall system, YouTube is sure to showcase great content.

As the company is getting serious about the two subscription services, the users will certainly be offered by great ways to create videos to make money.

The reaction within the music industry is mixed. However, YouTube can easily support multiple streaming services with nearly 1 billion users. One source in the music industry said that Music Key is greatly liked by them, but they are concerned about the strategic priority of the service for YouTube and Google.

The labels have complained that the video-sharing site, YouTube does not pay enough amount of money for their music; while on the other hand, YouTube denies and says it pays billions to the labels and has paid the amount over the past few years.

In 2014, YouTube pulled in almost $4 billion revenue and with these two upcoming subscription services in 2015, the company could be definitely on the path of profit.


YouTube is going to launch two subscription services by the end of 2015. This will give a dramatically changed YouTube experience to the users.

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