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Aatmanirbhar Bharat: PM Narendra Modi Says Technology Is The Pillar of Self-reliant India

While speaking at a webinar on technology-enabled development, PM Modi said that self-reliance in technology-related sectors plays an essential role in the last-mile delivery of services and has the potential to empower citizens. The prime minister highlighted that according to the government, technology is not an isolated sector as it is closely related to the […]
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भारतीयों के लिए ट्विटर की तरफ से एक सुनेहरा तोहफा

जल्द ही भारतीयों को ट्विटर की ओर से एक नायाब तोहफा मिलने वाला है। दरअसल अब यूज़र्स चार और भारतीय भाषाओं में ट्वीट कर पाएँगे। दो चार भाषाएँ गुजराती, मराठी, कन्नड़ एवं तमिल होगी। भाषा बदलने के लिए, सेटिंग्स में जाये और ड्रॉप डाउन मेन्यू से प्रोफाइल चुनिए। वहां से आप अपनी मनपसंद भाषा चुन […]
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Now, No More Free Local Calls on Skype, Whatsapp & Viber

These days the major concern that’s gaining limelight is that Skype, Whatsapp & Viber would no longer be able to make domestic calls for free. A government committee upheld the concept of net neutrality. Its recommendations have raised the concerns for consumers and startups, as free domestic calls would not be allowed. However, international calls […]
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Alibaba’s New Reseller Strategy to Boost Sales Growth in India

Alibaba, the business-to-business arm of China’s Alibaba Group, is set to offer a new reseller strategy in India to boost sales growth. A reseller is basically a domestic Indian agent who would connect an SME/manufacturer/supplier in India to the potential customers of Alibaba. This way the company would partner with local resellers who have local […]
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