YouTube Video Translation Services: How it Increases Your Views in YouTube

Do you know the most preferred type of video content watched on YouTube in 2021 is the ones that have a translation option? This makes it clear that if you don’t utilize the perks of YouTube video translation services, you might lose many potential viewers.

With over 3 billion searches on YouTube per month, it has become one of the largest platforms on the internet. So, lacking the opportunity to reach more audiences through this platform should not be your plan. Therefore, incorporating translation into your marketing strategy can give you huge profits. You end up attracting more potential viewers if you translate your videos according to the regions you want to focus on. This will ensure, every week you are tapping on more revenues from various regions. Around 100 million people watch at least one video every day and roughly 400 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube per minute. This means if you upload a video on YouTube along with the translation option, you are increasing the possibility of boosting the number of views getting your video.

You tend to make your video more searchable with video translation. Today, we will discuss how effective video translation helps you increase your views on YouTube.

Ways How YouTube Video Translation Increases Your Views

YouTube video translation is in huge demand because it has become the most efficient medium to communicate globally. Soon, you will observe video content to bring 80% of consumer internet traffic.

Therefore, to make sure you establish a strong presence on the internet, it is important to translate your YouTube videos to increase engagement which will lead to more views.

1- Boost Engagement

Research has found that translating your videos boosts the video’s watch time by 50%. It has also been found that without translation, the videos are 55% to completion when compared to 90% with translation. The total improvement in viewers was 35%.

Basically, a reliable translation company can not only help in boosting the engagement but also can help in increasing the viewers in your video to get success.

2- Reach a Wider Audience

Targeting just a specific portion of the audience by providing videos only in one language can make you miss out on a huge group of potential viewers. The audience enjoy video content more when it is translated into their native language. It also makes them share your content with more people. The more your content is shared, the more you will reach a wider audience which will ultimately bring viewers.

3- Viewers Feel Connected

It’s true that English is widely spoken by people around the world. But English is only spoken by 20% of the world’s population, which means just 360 million people are native English speakers. When you share your video content in only English, you automatically exclude many potential audiences. The incorporation of an effective translation service for videos make your viewers feel connected.

Translation will be an indication to tell them you value their contribution and this makes them stay loyal to your brand as well as spread the word about your YouTube channel.

4- Enhance Accessibility

Over the past few years, 80% of YouTube videos have been viewed that had an option to translate the video. Using translation in your video content improves the accessibility of your content because now people from different corners of the world can understand your video.

5- Global Approach

YouTube video translation does not only mean just translating literally. Translating any video content needs the assistance of professionals who knows the idioms, phrases, metaphors, and so on of the target language. It is important to hire reliable translation solutions and have the support of potential YouTube video translators who have a deeper understanding of the culture of the target audience.

Video translation for YouTube is not mere word-to-word translation but rather, it focuses on understanding the target audience’s intentions and having an international perspective.

There is a major importance of translation in world as this assists you to cross your local border and reach global viewers. Build an impactful connection with your global audience and expand your reach by translating your videos.


Having multilingual YouTube videos can help you reach a global audience which will lead to an increase in viewers. With a well-experienced team of translators, Tridindia can help you conveniently attract many potential viewers and expand your reach.

Our video translation solution covers various aspects of video translation and this permits us to be flexible as per your budget. Please call us at +91-8527599523 or grab an instant quote.

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