7 Important Things You Didn’t Know About Translation Before

We are living in a world that is connected digitally and this has made it possible for businesses to reach new markets. Today with the huge expansion among the business, there is great significance of translation. Depending on the needs, translation has made it easy for the business to grow in any market.

There are several businesses that you can find solely operating in English. However, using translation is worthy investment that makes the business easy to adapt in any market. There are more than 7,000 languages spoken and with translation, businesses find it highly easy to expand and connect well with audience.

Generally, translation can help in many ways and make various types of content of business such as website, document, or any other content accessible by the audience. There are various benefits of translation and majority of the businesses are still unaware of some facts about translation.

7 Important Things You Didn’t Know About Translation

Translation is quite important to break the language barrier. Most of business prefers using local language and by using a translator, you are making your audience most comfortable with what you have to offer. Various remarkable and incredible facts about translation will surely help you to understand and explore more about what translation is about.

1- Most Translated Languages

The majority of us always think that thought that English is the global language and it can make it easy to carry out business operations. However, it is the most widely translated language and besides this, German, Italian, French, and Russian are also widely translated languages in the world.

Also, according to some research, English language is the most difficult language to translate. This is because of the variations its accents in different parts often carry the same meanings but in different contexts that make it difficult to deliver translation in this language.

2-World’s Highly Translated Document

According to research, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ratified by the UN in Paris in 1948, is considered as the world’s most translated document. At present, it is available in over 500 languages, which gives you an idea about the importance the document holds.

3- The Most Translated Website

Translation has helped a lot of businesses to grow in the online world. This has made the website to be translated to make it serve a different audience. It is surprising to know the most translated website in the world is The Jehovah’s Witnesses.

In January 2021, the website has been translated into more than 1,028 languages. In this, there were 100 sign languages to make the website content accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing people.

4- Translation Of Endangered Languages

There was research conducted and according to data from the University of Cambridge, currently from a total of 6,909 world languages, about 2,400 are at risk of extinction. These languages are native to small communities however, translation in these languages has favored the majority of the language to be well known in the industry of languages.

5- Vowels Make Translation Tricky

There are several types of translation required by businesses and the major challenge includes dealing with the vowels. Vowels are one of the aspects that make the language hard to translate. Several languages such as Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic, Tigrinya, and Amharic have no vowels. It is a bit challenging for translators to translate from a vowel-containing language into a vowel-free language.

6- Highly Popular Translated Book

Among different books around the world, Bible is the most translated book in the world. Some of the portions of the book have been converted into Klingon. However, the other book ‘Listen to God and Live Forever’ has been translated into over 600 languages.

7- Translating into Braille

Braille holds an imperative technique to interpret any linguistics for sightless and visually immobilized people. It is an indispensable solution for blind people, but, very few people know that every language has its version of Braille.

The actual reason why is translation important is to assist visually impaired people to communicate on a whole new level and comprehend things in a better way.


Languages are much more than just communicating words back and forth. Getting the translation allows the business to make it easy to express your business and be relevant to the culture and market. With professional translation, you will find it easy to make the audience understand things more clearly. When they will find your content in the local language, this will help to grow and expand the business.

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