What Are The Major Types Of Translation I Need For My Business?

Do I need translation for my business? If yes, what are the major types of translation that I’ll be needing the most?

This is the biggest question that surrounds most of the business owners, who are new to translation. Although translation is not a new concept, yet most of the business owners, specifically small business owners, are unaware of it.

So, if you are planning to expand your business in overseas nations, here’s what you must know about translation.

Definition Of Translation

First of all, it is important for you to understand the meaning of translation, which refers to the conversion of your words from one language to another in a written format. So, simply put, translating different documents in the target language (client’s or customer’s language) allows you to communicate with your foreign customers, clients and stakeholders.

Types Of Translation For Business

Depending on the type of your business operations or the type of documents you wish to get translated, you will need different types of translation.

Some of the most prominent types of translation are mentioned below –

1- Legal or Judicial Translation

Legal translation refers to the translation of contracts, treaties and several other legal documents, which are complex and complicated in nature. Hence, if the types of documents to translate are related to law, you will need this type of translation. It involves understanding the socio-cultural and politico-legal context behind the legal text so that the target audience with different socio-cultural or political background easily understands everything.

2- Administrative Translation

Administration can refer to a multiple things. However, in the context of translation, administrative means translating different types of managerial texts used in global organizations, corporations, and businesses. So, this type of translation may involve translating collection letters, memorandums, attendance book, thank you letters etc.

3- General Translation

This is actually the most basic form of translation and it does not require the translator to be highly experienced in a specific domain. The very fact that the source materials for this type of translation involve layman terms and everyday speech, general translation is easy to conduct and is very easily available in the market.

4- Medical Translation

As is evident by its name, medical translation involves translating texts that are related to medicine or healthcare. Owing to the sensitive nature of the source materials, it is important that you outsource error free business translation in New Jersey from a reputed translation vendor. Experienced medical translators know how to deal with a medical text, what are its cultural implications in the target language and how to use specific medical terminologies. They also keep in mind the quality standards that are essential for quality translation of medical documents.

5- Website Translation

One of the most important type of translation that you will need for your online business is website translation. In addition to translating the content of your website, you will also have to translate subtitles for videos (if any) on any of your website pages. To make the website look more appealing to the target audience, you may also have to localize the banners on your website, along with the format and layout of the contact info, and address.

6- Financial Translation

Translation of financial documents, like account statements, bank records, and bank statements, may be the most important translation requirement for your business. Right from financial text, and jargons to currencies and others, everything needs to be translated with utmost precision. This is why businesses are advised to always hire a reputed vendor who excels in translating financial documents.

Do you wish to be a fast rising player in your domain? Do you wish to expand your business roots on an international scale? If yes, translation is the ultimate platform that can help you succeed.

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