7 Myths About Translation You Need To Know

These days, all businesses need translation solutions whenever they aim to grow and reach a wider audience. Translation proves to be helpful in various ways that help to make the business ready to target foreign markets. However, there are various things related to translation that are highly misunderstood.

There are many people who keep sharing their thoughts on translation and due to this some false information spreads too. So it is a quiet challenge to distinguish fact from myths, especially for businesses that are new to the world of translation.

The translation industry involves so many translators who are great linguists and possess subject matter knowledge. This is the common thing that is clearly understood by the audience and clients. However, there are some misconceptions about every translation solution that are important to be aware of.

7 Myths About Translation

The common myth about translation is that hiring expensive language translation solutions can only be the way to get the best quality translation. This is one of the biggest myths that revolve in the mind of the clients. However, getting with an affordable translation company with a well-skilled team can assure you to deliver the best translation solutions.

There are more myths related to the translation and let’s discover them too:

1- Hire More Translators For Quality Translation

This is one of the major myths that is associated with the translation and can prove to be costly. If you have group of a translators working on a project, there may be a lack of direction, and may fail to achieve the desired consistency and style. Translators who have been in the niche for over long time are more familiar with the tone and deliver the best translation.

2- Culture Isn’t Important for Translations

Whenever you are considering any market, it has cultural roots that are an inseparable part. In language, you can see huge cultural influences that have helped in the language and its evolution. There are various types of translation and no matter which one you choose, cultural aspects need to be always considered in translation.

3- Any Bilingual Employee Can Translate

This is one of the most common myths that a bilingual employee can also translate. No matter if you have the target language speaker in the team, hiring a translator is important. Bilingual employees may not have a vast understanding of the language and dialect and may fail to deliver a translation that can serve a greater purpose.

4- Translations Need to Be Uniform

There are many people who think all translations are the same. They have the misconception that a sentence translated by a particular translator will be translated in the same way by another translator. Every translator uses their own skills and knowledge and the word choice may differ even though the context remains to be the same. The translations are rarely identical and you can’t expect it to be always uniform.

5- Translators Can Translate On The Spot

One common myth is that translators know each and every word in the dictionary and can translate whenever you want. No matter what reason why do you need translation, there are many translators who are highly skilled and work on the context to understand it before delivering a translator.
They need to do the required research to ensure to not make mistakes by translating on the basis of assumptions.

6- Professionals Don’t Need to Revise

Everyone can make mistakes and even professionals can do. Therefore, every major translation company includes a quality check process before delivering the desired translation. Conducting QC process is to ensure the quality of the translation is maintained. Especially in the field of medical translation, it plays a very important role.

7- Translation Is Not So Necessary

Yes, there are several businesses that think using translation is not so important as everyone understands the English language. According to a research, there are 80% of non-English speaking people who prefer to engage with content in their native language.

Businesses that want to connect well with the audience know why is translation important. Therefore, they go for professional translation to seek much better results.


Translation is a highly used language solution and it is easy to have myths and misconceptions about it. However, when you are availing translation solutions, it is essential to move beyond them and understand the facts about the getting right translation. When you are aware of what translation is, you will be able to seek great benefits.

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