Advantages of Tamil Subtitling: Top 6 Advantages of Adding Tamil Subtitles To Your Videos

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If you are into generating videos for your business to target Tamil speakers, no matter how important it is for your video, it is always the wisest decision to include subtitles, and here are some reasons why….

Tamil is counted as one of the 22 languages of India. The language is mostly spoken in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Kerala. With more than 75 million speakers all around the globe, Tamil is in the 50th position as one of the most spoke languages. With the emergence of social media, content sharing has grown massively. And nowadays video has become the king. Once videos became the norm, the push to make them more interesting as well as engaging is including subtitles.

But what are the reasons? Here we will discuss the top advantages of using accurate Tamil subtitling.

Top Advantage of Tamil Subtitling

1. Maintain Voices of the Original Actors

This is the most perfect part of utilizing subtitles to make your content accessible for a Tamil-speaking audience. Subtitles offers a completely real experience for the public. Not allowing your audience to hear the actual voice of the character decreases the effectiveness of the video. You lack to give an authentic experience to your audience without incorporating professional subtitles.

Some video makers only invest their money in the best voiceovers. But along with voiceovers, you should sometimes consider subtitles too. Because in some cases, you can observe a lack of synchronization between the sound and the way the lips move, which completely distracts the viewers.

This is more than worse when you are on a tight budget and cannot hire experienced VO artists. In such scenarios, you should move towards subtitles. Furthermore, ensure you have professionals who know wrong subtitling signs.

2. Attract People to Watch

Just imagine how often you personally turn on the sound of any video, especially when you are in a crowded place. Not a lot, right? Reports show that around 72% of people prefer watching videos that have subtitles in them. Your video could be a more attractive and interesting thing on their feed if you have added subtitles. It will give them the convenience to watch it anywhere they want without any disturbance.

3. Enhance your SEO

If you generate videos for your business marketing, then subtitles are a must as they will help you noticed by Google. Professional subtitles are an effective way for Google to identify the subject of your video, and hence rank it at an appropriate position in SERPs. This is a very clever way to get an extra SEO benefit for getting an edge over your competitors

As much as your video will be accessible, the more people will watch it, and the more people watch your video, the more your business will tend to increase its reach. And if you translate the subtitles by expert language translators, it would be even greater.

4. Helps in Online Learning

Accurate subtitles help you when it comes to online learning, through visuals. It helps you learn and gather new information conveniently. Along with subtitles, transcripts are also an effective way to study without turning the sound on.

5. Cost-Effective

High-quality subtitles are mostly cost-effective to complement your video content, with an assurance to make your ROI higher. There are also many automatic solutions, but relying on them will not be a good idea. This is because the machine can’t understand the emotions and intentions behind every dialogue or sentence compared to a human. So, having a subtitle expert would be perfect.

6. People Learn More through Subtitles

The audience is more interested when they can read along with the dialogue. It tends to increase the viewing time. Subtitles also assist to maintain the focus, mainly for viewers who have learning difficulties, attention deficits, or autism.

For learners, subtitling assists to maintain the originality of the information easier, increasing test scores and boosting comprehension. If you are searching to expand in a new market, subtitles should be your top choice.

Also, when planning to translate, ensure you have an experienced translator who can bring effective creativity in translation.


Subtitling has become one of the most effective ways to market your videos in a new market. If you want to incorporate subtitles into your videos, then we can assist. Tridindia provides top-notch subtitles in multiple formats.

Our team has experts who have worked with companies from different domains and hence can successfully satisfy all your subtitling needs for expansion. Contact us at +91-8527599201 or send a free instant quote now to talk to our team.

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