Advantages of Telugu Subtitling: How it Enhances the Impact of Marketing Videos?

For many years, subtitles were mostly ignored mediums for businesses. Their necessity was observed only when it came to international films and marketing videos. Then, the hard-of-hearing audience came forward demanding the “right to accessibility”, and today video production need subtitles for people, by law.

Majorly spoken in the south-eastern part of India, it is the official language of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Today, Telugu is spoken by more than 75 million people. Undoubtedly, it is one of the languages that need to be focused on by businesses that want to reach a wider audience through their videos. To target Telugu speaking audience, you need to make your business content understandable for them. And for this subtitle is important. It has been surprisingly found that most of the audiences prefer watching videos with subtitles in their own language. Also, subtitles make the content more engaging and impactful.

Let’s delve into some more benefits of accurate Telugu subtitling and how they assist you in business growth.

Understanding the advantages of Telugu Subtitling

1. Make Corporate Training Videos More Effective

These days almost every company want to hire employees from different locations and the demand for training videos are increasing day by day to train new hires. It looks like if you can manage to make your viewers read through your videos, you can increase the rate of engagement more appropriately.

2. Increases Social Media Traffic

Social media traffic is the most effective way to introduce your business to a global audience. Nowadays, the majority of videos on social media have subtitles. This is solely because people often consume social media content while on the go. Therefore, the easier it is for them to understand any video content, the more likely they are going to share it with others.

Also, because many people watch videos in public, they might not want to increase their phone volume and rather prefer watching videos with subtitles. Therefore, investing in an effective subtitling service near me is essential.

3. Improves Ranking in Search Engine

Having the correct subtitles in the videos assists in increasing your position in web indexes. Although your video quality could be the top concern, adding subtitles can increase your ranking.

After Google, YouTube is the second biggest web crawler around the globe. This is the major reason why it is important to make your video simple to discover when the audience is looking for them.

There are different methods to make sure you are doing that, however, having subtitles on your videos can have a positive impact on your site improvement and make it easy to discover for an audience.

4. Make Technical Terminology Understandable

Imagine your business holds certain technical terminologies, brand names, or industry jargon. Jargons or names are most difficult for an audience to understand, especially if they don’t know about your industry. In such scenarios, it’s always better to take over those difficulties from your audience by incorporating subtitles in your videos. It will add clarity to the content and help viewers identify information without any hassle. Also, it will immensely boost sales with subtitling service.

5. Maintains Engagement

Adding subtitles to your video helps your audience follow along with the content much more efficiently, despite the fact whether you are hard of hearing or not. The onscreen text makes sure your audience are fully understanding the video content regardless of the background noise.

6. Subtitles As a Language Learning Tool

Watching videos, in general, is an active process because viewers are watching as well as listening at the same time. People are usually identified as a visual learner and because they can hear the international language while reading the texts incorporated through subtitles, they are introduced to many new words. This way, subtitles act as a language learning tool.

Subtitles are just enough to complete the experience for many users. They are more than simple texts that show up on the screen. They add so much more to make your video stand out from the crowd.

With this, now you might have learned about accurate subtitling and its advantages.


Video contents are influencing the digital world and its increasing demand has led to the need for subtitling solutions. For multilingual projects, it is always suggested to work with professional and credible subtitling companies like Tridindia.

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