Subtitling and Its Importance [Top 5 Facts]

As per a report, 85% of videos are watched without any sound. This is mostly a choice for the majority of users. But for others, this is a necessity to consume the content. So, don’t you think subtitling and its importance need to be taken seriously for a better engagement of videos?

When adapting business communication for a global marketplace or entertainment, subtitling is the option available and has many perks. Subtitles can be utilized as a written rendering of the narration or dialogue contained in the video in the same language as the original audio, or as a translation of the actual audio in another language. In both cases, the aim of subtitling is to ensure that people who cannot hear or do not know the language spoken in the video can still access the message. Although it appears very simple, effective subtitling is a complicated method, requiring different steps and expertise to get right.

Most people do not observe how much work goes into subtitles until you see them done badly. For those who are hard of hearing or deaf, it is the only way to enjoy and get the advantage of, the video content that many of you take for granted. Even for those able to lip-read, a large portion of video content features people speaking off-camera, or sound overlay over images, or many other visuals.

Understanding Subtitle

Subtitling is the art of converting the dialogues in the video content into text which is usually shown at the bottom of the video while the motion continues. For this to work efficiently, you hence need to use highly trained and experienced linguists. A professional translator is needed to comprehend the complications of translating various types of content. Subtitle translators work around a range of genres, so work hard to keep a structurally sound translation to make sure video sync. However, they also do much work to maintain the meaning of the actual text while providing accurate subtitle translation.

Are you a global brand or a small start-up planning to target international customers? Whatever the size of your agency, subtitles can actually help you boost global potential.

The Importance Of Subtitling


1. Boosting Views of Your Videos

The significance of subtitling extends to boosting video reach. Through subtitling, you can have more text in the video. Your partnered subtitling company utilizes the chance to increase the content’s site engine optimization. By this method, subtitles permit search engines to identify your video, granting you a larger number of views.

2. Subtitles are a Smart Business Decision

Recent data shows that most people prefer watching video content without sound. It is not a far leap to assume that potential users view videos in the same manner on different websites. Hence, if you want to have many people enjoying your video content, you should subtitle your video.

3. Improve User Experience

Another necessity of subtitles is to provide your audience a perfect experience. If you want to reach a wider audience on social media, you have to use subtitling, according to your target audience. You can also translate your video content, but for that, you need to understand what are languages in subtitling.

Not only on one specific platform, but on many platforms, people prefer watching videos without any sound. This relies on the audience’s circumstances as well as preferences. Delivering your audience with the chance to watch the video or just read the subtitles will assure that more people stay till the end of the video.

Plus, offering subtitles when you are launching your video to your potential audience in some other country assures that they will enjoy the entire experience of the video.

4. Enhance Learning

65% of the world’s population are visual learners. For visual learners, video content is becoming a very beneficial educational tool for knowing concepts that they could not understand in class with traditional teaching techniques. For providing a perfect viewer experience to your audience, you can take the assistance of a trustworthy local subtitling agency.

These videos make learning interactive, fun, and visually appealing. This can be beneficial, not only for visual learners but also for students who try hard to concentrate and require entertaining, quick teaching methods to keep their minds completely engaged and processing the information. Obviously, it has the bonus of improving the access to educational resources for hard of hearing and deaf learners.

It is only right that hard of hearing or deaf students get the same access to these new educational tools as their hearing peers.

5. Enhancing Business on Social Media

The number of social media channel users is growing. Statistics represent that the number of active users viewing video content has reached 2.6 billion and it’s only from one specific social media platform. Hence, posting online videos about your products and services assists you in market to a wide scope of people. Meanwhile, subtitling your videos is considered a smart move for enhancing your video as you reach online audiences in various countries all across the world. In this manner, through increasing the potential targeted clients, you have a good possibility to grow your business. However, there are some things that you need to know to have proper subtitling. And one of them is strong signs your subtitling is wrong.

Subtitling has become an effective solution for many providers as it gives a modern way to include quality to delivery and make use of professionals with subtitling skills and knowledge of subtitling formats. The subtitling professionals need to be on par with the industry’s regulations and standards to maintain quality videos that are Amazon and Netflix compliant.

Wrapping It Up:

At this time, you want your content to reach out to all types of masses. A video without subtitles fails to do so since people who are hard of hearing or deaf cannot access the content. If you want professionals to provide you accurate subtitles, then consider Tridindia. We have talented individuals who have enough knowledge to provide you quality subtitles.

To see how we can help you with subtitling solutions, contact us today at +91-8527599201 or mail us at [email protected]


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