Business Success in Russia: How To Understand Russian Consumers?

If you want to get a business success in Russia, winning trust can help gain great rewards since Russian consumers are well-known for their brand loyalty.

Russian consumers can be truly careful buyers, but they’re also popular for impulsive purchases of a plethora of exclusive luxury products.

This may appear like a contradiction. However, it’s completely a Russian consumer behavior to be aware of.

Four things may help you understand Russian consumers and make doing worthwhile Russian translation easy for you. What are they?

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How To Understand Russian Consumers?

Before we head further, we want to tell you that you may need to try all these tactics to excel and stand out in the target market.

1- Spending Of Russian Consumers

Russian consumers have reduced their spending by a tenth as western sanctions start to take effect, the latest figures suggest.

According to the data from Russia’s Sberbank, spending decreased by 9.7% in real terms at the beginning of April in comparison to the last year.

Unexpected but Russian spending habits have been highly affected. As banks aren’t mainly trusted to take care of their money, Russians more often don’t save. Rather, they spend around 80% of their income.

However, just 16% of Russians prefer shopping. Shopping is needs-based, and customers need to increase their investment by buying high-end, durable products. Thus, it is essential to know market research values for business growth.

Russian consumers are actively looking for more and more local shopping opportunities, where local brands can make changes in the prices more easily based on the economic situation. As a result, St. Petersburg and Moscow have now become retail centres.

So what does this basically mean for your brand? To attract Russian consumers, focus more on your products’ value as well as reliability.

Remember, even though, Russia is financially split. You’ll simply have to adjust your strategy according to your target demographic.

2- Family-Based Marketing

In Russia, a family member can be an excellent brand advocate. Over half of Russian customers shop on regular basis for their complete family – more than 8% of the global average.

That’s why brands are progressively focusing more on families in their marketing strategies and opting for genuine translation services for marketing to introduce them to the trusted brands for them.

3- Brand Loyalty

Russian customers are quite loyal once they’ve become your potential customer.

Do you remember the round-the-block queues Apple’s iPhone launches are popular for? That’s the sort of loyalty Russian customers more often demonstrate.

The high premium Russians place on value implies when they’ve tried as well as enjoy your brand, they’ll keep returning back.

The high rate of scamming cases in Russia also contributes to this trend. If you are a company which is not here to steal customers’ money, you’ll surely get long-term leads. So it’s ideal to invest in cost effective Russian document translation to build your image as a reliable brand.

4- Content In Russian

Russian customers are unable to trust because of scams, so they prefer to communicate straightaway with sellers either through phone or web chat.

Because of the result, consumer contact centres are crucial.

But you’ll have to completely localize your post-sales support and look for a local communications team – Russia has among the lowest English proficiency levels in Europe.

Also, you should look for error free website translation as well as simply translate your product descriptions, and even localize the cost into rubles. Without this much effort, Russians are far less likely to trust and purchase from you.

Final Words

Due to their limited disposable income, Russian consumers strongly quality, value price, and brand reputation in making their buying decisions effective.

However, once you’ve got their loyalty, they’ll likely always be with you for years, and recommend your brand to them too. So be prepared to prove your brand value – we assure you the reward is worth the effort.

You need to understand Russian customers and their behaviours that may help you make a good strategy that may bring positive results for you. Maybe this is not easy for you.

If this is so, you can even partner with a proficient translation company in Bangalore where the native translators should have extensive knowledge of the language.

Also, they should have the ability to know to understand Russian consumers, which may prove to be fruitful for your business.

Are you finding a trusted translation vendor? Connect with us today. Give us a quick call at +91-8527599523 or simply ask for a free quote.

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