Which Transcription Service Do You Need? [4 Major Types]

Transcription solutions have become an important part of many businesses as well as professional ventures. Thus, knowing which transcription service you need that meets your requirements is important.

These days, effective transcription has turned into an effective way of communication between business and client personnel.

The Internet and its consequences need no introduction. With the passing of time, the growth of the World Wide Web, as well as social media platforms, have made us see a great boom in video and audio content.

The shift from audio-video media to written content has made transcription quite crucial.

We can clearly understand the significance of the transcription industry from the fact that it is presently valued at USD 19.8 billion and is expected to reach an annual rate of 6% from 2020 to 2027.

After this, you may be keen to know the various types of transcription available to make your work easy.

Types of Transcription Services

The practice of performing transcription for brands has changed over time. This results in the development of highly specified variations and good coverage of transcription solutions.

For companies that are new to the transcription for brands, there are four fundamental types of transcribing and these are:

1- Intelligent Transcription

Intelligent transcription, also known as intelligent verbatim transcription, develops texts that are quite readable than standard verbatim texts.

Transcribers are provided with great freedom to alter a few parts of the speech that don’t rightly convey the meaning. So, they might eliminate repeated stutters or words.

When there is a massive need of transcription, exactly what’s there for the transcriber as an experienced professional is that he/she must always work according to the client’s brief.

2- Verbatim Transcription

This type of transcription covers every aspect of spoken language. Transcribers pen down every detail they hear, including filler words like “um” and “err”, interjections, hesitations, false starts, laughter, and grammatical errors.

This form of transcription solution is specifically useful to provide you with an accurate account of what happened, mainly in legal settings like court hearings or police interviews.

An example of a verbatim transcript:

Well, I was, um, searching for a book…and er I forgot the exact title so I read many…what are they known as?.. book..b.blurbs.

The productive local transcription company can advise on whether verbatim or intelligent transcription solutions are ideal based on your needs.

3- Phonetic Transcription

This transcription type differs from the other types. This aims to generate visual content out of speech sounds for linguistic analysis. Basically, this is done because of symbols like the phonetic alphabet.

As such, phonetic transcribers don’t just jot down the words spoken in the recording, but also focus on how they are spoken. Parts of speech like intonation, pronunciation, and overlapping sounds are importantly recorded.

4- Edited Transcription

This is among the most widely demanded transcription solutions. The essential role of transcription is to create a clear version of the speech, eliminating irrelevant noises and words. The key message remains as it is, but the transcription is quite easy to read as well as flows well.

The key message remains as it is, but the transcription is quite easy to read as well as flows well.

While every transcriber aims to provide top-quality documents, edited transcriptions enable them to prepare the final text. As such, these transcription solutions are ideal for situations where the information is quite crucial than how it’s stated.

This might be perfect for internal meetings, recordings of lectures, or interviews intended for publication.

An example of a verbatim transcript:

I was searching for a book and I forget the exact title, so I read many book blurbs.

Which Transcription Service Do You Need?

You might be confused about which type of transcription would be suitable to get a well-formatted transcript. No matter, what type of transcription solution you pick, the aim is to create an accurate, well-written account of the speech.

Also, transcribing improves the adaptability of businesses by allowing a smoother process of determining which information and ideas can still be enhanced or rehashed into a technique of branding and quickly reaching out to consumers.

If you want to transcribe a document, ensure your hire a professional transcriber who knows how to do manual voice to text transcription with phenomenal competency.

If you hunt for a company that provides transcription solutions, be sure to hire one that knows your specific requirements and can recommend the type of transcription needed.

If you want a professional transcriber, we are here to assist you. Call us at +91-8527599523 or quickly send us a free quote.

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