10 Reasons to Translate Your Website: How It Helps To Gain Profit From a Website?

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Is translating a website important? According to a report, only 24% of people across the world can speak and read English properly. Therefore, the translation of a website is the wisest choice you could take for your business growth.

You might be thinking that how you can make more profits from your business website, right? The most effective way to do that is by communicating with your customers in their language. If asked from people, you will find that most of them prefer buying from a website that communicates its brand information in the language they are comfortable in.

If you are thinking English is a universal language then you are wrong. Not everyone in the world understands English, and this means you are probably missing out on a huge number of customers by keeping your website in English only. When it comes to online communication, your website is the major asset you have to ensure your business growth.

Today we will discuss the top 10 reasons why you should invest in error free website translation.

Top 10 Reasons to Translate your Website

1. Increase Your Customer Base

In this globalized world, accurate website translation is very important for various reasons. To help your brand capture the attention of potential consumers overseas, you must serve in their native language.

Many surveys show that around 70% of consumers invest most of their time in visiting a site that is in their first language. The same survey also showed that these customers are more inclined to purchase if the product information is in a familiar dialect.

2. Maintain your Brand’s Popularity Overseas

Websites are easy to access, no matter where you are situated. Sometimes it can happen that unknowingly your brand ends up gaining popularity in a new market or location. Gaining popularity through websites in some other locations is very common these days. If your brand is gaining unexpected overseas interest, then you should maintain the momentum by translating your website.

According to your new customers, you can choose from crucial languages in website content translation. This will show your new customer base that you value them and want them to get engaged with your brand even more.

3. Increase Traffic and Revenue

Translating your website can help you attract new customers which means your traffic will ultimately increase. With translation, you can support your website to gather more international leads to watch your content, view your offerings and then reach out to sales reps.

If you are still confused about whether website translation can benefit your website by increasing traffic or revenue, think of one thing. When the customers will search for some products or services you provide and they will not find you, how will you sell to them? This means you need to consider comprehensive multilingual website practices.

4. Reach The Potential Customers

If you are not even involved in a multilingual marketing effort then also you might end up gathering some essential information that will show which part of your marketing needs to focus on. Go through your geography and language preference data created by Google Analytics that are always neglected.

Looking at that database, you will find that many visitors need a translated website. If a major chunk of your website visitor are preferring a brand communicating in their native language, it’s the correct time to translate.

5. Support Your Brand To Expand

The first impression of your brand always decides how many users turn into your customers. People will judge your business according to the appearance and content of your website. Modifying the message, look, and impression of your website is important to resonate with your target audience’s culture. This helps you establish trust and increase credibility which initially improves your business image. All these things show the need to professionally translate your business website.

6. Do International Marketing

Your competitors might reach the international market before you. Reports show that international internet business revenues are estimated to be more. If you don’t translate your website, you will not be able to reach the international market. This means you will lose potential revenues which your competitors are gaining by translating their websites.

7. Establish Trust In Global Customers

Online customers tend to shop from a website that they think is trustworthy. When a brand gives value to the customers by conveying information in their native language, they tend to establish trust. It’s true that manual translation improve website reach.

A website that is professionally presented in multiple languages, gives a touch of authority and global credibility that assists to increase consumer confidence. Translating your website will help to give your consumers the impression that you think about them and want to give a good user experience.

8. Improve Your Website Google Ranking

When a website is translated into multiple languages, it increases the search results. This way Google’s ranking also improves. The higher your website’s ranking gets in SERPs, the more potential customers get attracted to your website. Search engines rank a website according to the quality and relevancy of the content. Therefore, it’s important that you choose from one of the successful translation companies for website to make sure your content is relevant to your target market or audience.

9. Adhere to Regulations

Translating your website is more than just exchanging words in some other language. In some markets, regulation needs translated content.

Not respecting or adhering to these regulations can lead to legal penalties which will make you lose your money that has been utilized in some other business work. To stay compliant with all the regulations, you should translate your website properly.

10. Brand Recognition

Customers pay more attention to businesses that speak in their native language. Consumers tend to purchase from a brand that describes its product’s information in a language that the consumer understands. It becomes very difficult to connect your brand with customers from different parts of the world if you are not speaking in their language.

You need to translate your brand’s website to make a vital connection to get brand recognition and reach a global market. Now, might know why is translation important.


Website translation brings many benefits like reputed brand image, more sales, revenues, and good website ranking in SERPs. If you want to translate your website professionally then reach Tridindia. Here at Tridindia, we optimize your translation workflow and save your time as well as cost with our team of talented translators.

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